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  1. Sage

    Oh the stupid!!

    Filling my truck with gas and a guy walks over. "NICE truck"!!! Too bad they don't put V8's in them. You probably should have waited, I hear they're bringing one out soon....... (2012, gen 1)
  2. Sage

    Towing road trip

    Heading to a black powder buffalo rifle shoot in MT. It took some will power, but since I was towing a 14' covered trailer, I kept it under 70 all the way. I don't usually! Result was 1 mpg better mileage! This is I 90 from SE Washington to Forsyth MT. Virtually not a mile of it really...
  3. Sage

    Not really my first choice, but

    Not really my first choice but I think I'm going with Les Schwab top of the line tires. 10 ply, E rating, 3 ply side wall. Good enough specs and good tread for my driving. Less than 10% back country driving when hunting and fishing. My main reasons are really excellent service in my...
  4. Sage

    Sparkplugs & wiring done, and

    I felt like my truck wasn't running smoothly. 75,000 on the clock and should not really need anything, but, it wasn't right. Changed plugs, wired, coil boots with new internals. What I found was interesting. I needed an 18" breaker to loosen the plugs. Didn't like that! Every resister was...
  5. Sage

    Top bolt pattern doesn't match problem

    I knew it was going to well... Bought a set of front shocks. The bolts on top need to be moved to match my truck. Suggestions?
  6. Sage

    Schwab tires

    Does Les Schwab have any tires worth considering? I'm about to need new rubber and I'm looking around. Schwab has great service in my normal driving areas. That does mean quite a bit to me. They will get any brand but if I should need a replacement, it's more likely to be in stock.
  7. Sage

    Motor week

    Motor week had nice, long, video\comments on the new Raptor. The only crap was "the Raptor will give the TRX a run for the money". BS...... It's more like the other way around.
  8. Sage

    Nitrogen charging equipment

    Looking for a nitrogen charging setup for Fox shocks (gen 1).
  9. Sage

    GEN 1 Want a Gen 1 T-shirt

    I want a quality Gen 1 T-shirt but what I've found are Gen 2s and low end. I have found some quality but didn't like the huge lettering or odd photos. It doesn't seem like there are any vendors on the site. So, looking for recommendations if you have one. Thanks sage
  10. Sage

    test shocks?

    I had a set of shocks rebuilt then put off installing them. They've been sitting in a box a little over a year. Is there a way to check them before I put them on? Spooked about putting a dead shock on.
  11. Sage

    Not trying to start a P mati, but

    Maybe it's just me, but when I meet a Gen 1 and wave I usually get a wave back. Not always, but usually. When I meet a Gen 2 and wave, 90% give me a WTF with him look, no wave. Very few respond. I'm thinking they aren't Raptor drivers just drive a Raptor.
  12. Sage

    it survived

    I had to borrow the wife's FX4 for a heavy towing job, gone for 10 days. It return, while I was gone, she had my Raptor. I had to detune it so she'd drive it. "only drive it Sunday to church".....BS, she was all over the place!! It survived!!!!!! No dents, no dings!! Retuned back to it's...
  13. Sage

    new gen 1 Bronco

    With, a supercharged coyote!!
  14. Sage

    PAXPOWER Raptor

    Yes, there IS a V8 Gen 2 conversion. Google PAXPOWER Raptor and 700HP to.
  15. Sage

    Maybe I got lucky

    I just put a new (lightly used) take off set of tires on my 2012. Lucky?? The old factory set went 51,000 miles and had some life left but I'm heading to some BLM back country on a hunt and I wanted good rubber for sure. Lucky?? Those tires were never rebalanced. The front end has never...
  16. Sage

    Shock tech question

    Why nitrogen in shocks? I have argon/CO2 for my welder. Can it be used?
  17. Sage

    Gen 1 owner but

    I'm really liking the press the gen 2 is getting. Also a lot of love for street performance, speed. The hair dryer sound isn't impressive next to a SC V8, but it helps when it beat them. Must be a lot crow going down! No, I still don't want one, I'm happy as hell with what I have, but love...
  18. Sage

    It didn't end

    And the bottom didn't fall out. Just referring to gen one used prices after a year of gen 2's running around. I'd say the gen 1 is doing quite well at holding its value. The high cost of gen 2's plus loony dealers helped too. I think it will continue to hold for quite a while. The only way...
  19. Sage

    Tip of the day

    I bought a used set of shocks. They had chips dings and light rust. EXCEPT under the FOX labels. The area between FOX stickers was chipped and dinged. The sticker prevented the damage in that area. I cleaned the area and put rust preventive paint and bought some paint that fairly...
  20. Sage

    NO problem

    I thought a thread about GOOD raptors (NO, not a diss on gen2). I keep reading about this problem or that problem. I thought maybe how about NO problems. HOOOTS, 2012 Raptor is about to run out of warranty. I have had 0, NO problems of ANY kind. The only time it was at the dealer was...
  21. Sage

    WTB Shocks

    Looking for a set of shocks (gen 1). Must be rebuildable and not totaled. PM what you have and price. Thanks
  22. Sage

    Shocks wanted

    Found no longer looking..... FOUND
  23. Sage

    new compressor

    I finally decided on what compressor best fit my needs. It will mostly be in the Raptor, but sometimes I take long trips with a trailer in the FX4. I needed something that was portable. I bought this, a Vair 300P. also got the 30' coiled extra hose. It came in a bag as shown. Performance...
  24. Sage


    More talk but this time from a boss? Ford Bronco officially coming back, will be made in Michigan
  25. Sage

    head light auto turn on system

    I tried search but didn't find anything or didn't know how to word it?? Question: Is there a way to adjust the headlight auto turn on? Ever notice when it starts getting dark you and every other Ford drivers lights are about the last to come on? Can this be adjusted?