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  1. mprice1234

    GEN 1 Forscan on 2010 6.2

    From another post here, is this statement accurate " The 6.2 raptors have all the 2011 electrics underneath, including being a BCM rather than a GEM" if so then you can use Forscan?
  2. mprice1234

    Any Input on the Nitto Recon Grappler?

    I'm looking at purchasing a set of the Nitto Recon Grapplers and was wondering if anyone is running them on their Raptor? If so, do you have any input on them?
  3. mprice1234

    GEN 1 Resonator question

    Did the 2010 6.2 Raptor have a resonator? I see others stating that they have one but mine bought new from a Ford dealer does not. Nothing between the cats and the muffler and nothing after the muffler. Found my own answer posted by @Ruger "Okay, okay. The point I was trying to make is that...
  4. mprice1234

    2021 Raptor "What have they done" puke puke puke

    :doublepuke: That front end! :lewx4: Those lights in the fender flairs! :bowroflwerd6:That tailgate! :dancingpoop: The whole truck! Man I love my Gen 1 more and more everyday :happy107:
  5. mprice1234

    SCT X4 canned tunes on stock truck?

    SCT had their great tuner giveaway last month and due to the fact I never win anything I entered my wife and myself. Now something happened in the cosmos and certain stars must have aligned because not only my wife won but so did I! My first question is will the SCT X4 canned tunes improve...
  6. mprice1234

    A very special day!

    Today is my Raptors Birthday! 10 years today I purchased my truck, it is #8660 of 10437 and #897 of 1202 of the Molten Orange Tri-Coat built with the 6.2L V8 engine assembled at the Dearborn plant in 2010. Raptor Birthday 10 Yrs. by mprice1234 posted Oct 15, 2020 at 8:41 AM
  7. mprice1234

    2010 6.2 coolant question

    Confused about what coolant to use for 2010 6.2 engine. Manual only list for the 5.4 and says gold, supplement list orange for 6.2 but when I check mine it sure looks yellow not orange. It has never been changed or added to. Anyone know for sure on 2010 6.2?
  8. mprice1234

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Just wanted to wish everyone here at FRF a very Merry Christmas and a happy Raptor new year! :cheers:
  9. mprice1234

    Lowest mileage Gen 1 owner?

    Opposite to the highest mileage thread who has the lowest mileage on a Gen 1? I have 17,897 miles on my 2010 6.2 SCAB!
  10. mprice1234

    Did the fuse 27 relocation kit

    I did the fuse 27 relocation kit today and it took me about two hours. The YouTube video and the Ford kit instructions were lacking to say the least. I wasn't having any issues and there was no sign of burning on fuse or the slot 27 but felt it was better to be proactive and not wind up...
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  12. mprice1234

    Ford to export 2017 Raptor's to China

    In case you didn't see this Ford to sell made-in-USA Raptor in China - Apr. 22, 2016 Might cut in to delivery times for people wanting to order here at home.
  13. mprice1234

    Positive M&R Automotive

    I've had my fog light kit for 4 years now and during a resent snow event both my outside lights lens got shattered from kicked up road debris . I sent Mikhail an email asking about purchasing replacement lens. He replied that he would send me the lens free of charge and in the next couple of...
  14. mprice1234

    M&R Automotive fog lights

    Just wanted to let everyone know about M&R's great customer service. I suffered broken lens on my M&R fog lights one on each side of my truck from winter road debris. I contacted Mikhail at M&R about purchasing replacement lens and he replied that he could send me them if I felt comfortable...
  15. mprice1234

    Sync update V4.4

    Has anyone done this update? I went on yesterday for the fun of it and the site came up with "sync update available for your vehicle". I did the install and all went well but now when I run a vehicle history report it says on the phone that it can not complete because I'm not...
  16. mprice1234

    An FRF Merry Christmas to all!

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all on this great forum! I've had many years of great post, ideas and help here. Looking forward to many more!
  17. mprice1234

    Tire pressure sensor question

    Does the pressure sensors detect a difference in pressure from each other to set off the warning or does each sensor have a set value if reached sets off the warning? Thanks for any help!
  18. mprice1234

    Lets see your rear window decals

    Lets see what decals everyone has on the rear windows! Here's mine.
  19. mprice1234

    Lemons to lemonade

    The wife took the truck to work last week and parked far away from everyone else but managed to open the door to far and hit a decorative large rock next to the parking space. It was a small dent with a slight paint chip but stuck out like a sore thumb to us. I didn't want the expense of a...
  20. mprice1234

    Advice and opinions on security alarm systems

    I'm debating getting an alarm security system any advice or opinions on alarm security system?
  21. mprice1234

    Digi Diodes 42' light bar? is having a black Friday sale on their 42" light bar, $300 with free shipping! Has anyone bought the 42" or any other light from them? At that price it's hard to pass up. All the specs are the same as M&R's 42" for half the price. I know the purest are going to say Ridgid is...
  22. mprice1234

    Digidiodes 42" light bar?

    Anyone running the Digidiode 42" light bar? If so what do you think of them? seems like a really good price and free shipping.
  23. mprice1234

    M&R fog kit to be installed

    Ok there in and I'm whooped! The drivers side was impossible to mount, there is a hard plastic piece right above and hangs down in front of the outer bolt so the bolt won't come out without a great deal of force to push it up out of the way. That's not very easy trying to hold the light...
  24. mprice1234

    Side vent lights

    I found some great LED's that you can buy in a string of how many you want. They are water proof, completely sealed and can be used underwater in water falls etc. There is 6 LED's per piece ($2.75 ea. $25.00 total) and you can have up to 50 per string with many colors to choose. I bought 4...
  25. mprice1234

    A Little Deterrent

    Maybe they will think twice!