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    Raptor Hat

    I got this at the local Ford dealer.

    Tire replacement time...

    I haven't had any problems with wet weather performance either. My KO2s are below half tread and they still are good in rain and snow.

    22 Raptor Trade

    I don't care for the plain tailgate either.

    Anybody else over the new Raptor R already?

    The family hauler version sold a lot more but didn't look as cool as the SCAB.

    What is your favourite 2023 Color (Poll)

    Looks like the Bronco color Area 51. There is no metallic in Area 51, but it looks blue to me.

    GEN 2 Wrong oil for 15K miles

    Pretty sure that was only on the Taurus. My early build 2011 FX4 called for 5W30.

    No more shiny scratched window pillars…

    I wrapped mine with satin black vinyl. I didn't really like them glossy black because there is no other glossy black on my truck.

    Torn Over Which Gen 3 to Buy.. HELP!!

    It's my favorite Gen 3 color....I'll take it. :D

    GEN 2 Gen 2 more problematic than Gen 1?

    I put 42K miles on my 2017 and had no issues. I currently have 30K miles on my 2020 and haven't had any issues with it yet.
  10. NASSTY

    GEN 2 Rant: Why is the gen 3 so ugly?? Passing up a free chance to upgrade

    Gen2's look better, but I don't think Gen3's are ugly. I'd do it.
  11. NASSTY

    2022 Bed Extender?

    I kept it when I traded my 2014 F150. I installed it in my 2017 Raptor, removed it and installed it in my 2020 Raptor.
  12. NASSTY

    Titan7 AK-1 wheel question

    The stock wheels are also 8.5" wide.
  13. NASSTY

    My Raptor R has been delivered.

    That looks like Sasquatch's Raptor.
  14. NASSTY

    V8 Rumble

    ...and disregard dspangler aka Sasquatch. He started out as Sasquatch77 about 12 usernames ago but keeps getting banned for trolling and spreading misinformation. He keeps coming back with new names.
  15. NASSTY

    V8 Rumble

    Speaking of Sasquatch farts Sasquatch is here ^^^
  16. NASSTY

    V8 Rumble

    I heard they were going to pipe the sound of sasquatch farts to the exterior of the R so TRX owners think it has an ecoboost.
  17. NASSTY

    Available - 2022 White Raptor 800a - MSRP - Update: I’m hearing this now has a deposit placed

    He doesn't really want one anyway. He just comes here to insult people and call them names. :)
  18. NASSTY

    My Gen 3 with a new face lift / rims +

    Some of the most arrogant, opinionated A-holes on this forum don't even own Raptors.....for some reason they think we care about their opinion. :)
  19. NASSTY

    Factory BFG’s 35 Load Range E

    I ran those on my 2017 and ran a few sets of them (33x12.5x 15) on my 92 Bronco. They are very popular in this area because they are great in snow and we deal with that crap about 6 months per year. I'm still running the stock KO2s on my 2020 but they are getting low on tread. I have to make a...
  20. NASSTY

    Factory BFG’s 35 Load Range E

    The only difference I can see is the speed rating. The Raptor tires are "T" 118mph and the Jeep tires are "S" 112mph.
  21. NASSTY

    Factory BFG’s 35 Load Range E

    There's 2 different versions of the C. One is OEM Ford and the other is OEM Jeep.