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  1. nmp1

    Raptor availability?

    If you find a 37 package on a dealer lot its going to have a huge markup. Ford didn't meet their 2021 allocation so a lot of people had their trucks pushed back to 2022. The Raptor allocations are limited as it is and the 37 package even more so, in the neighborhood of 20%-25% of all Raptors. Im...
  2. nmp1

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Built my own truck adapters for my quickjacks
  3. nmp1

    How Do Allocations Work?

    They are given yearly allocations based on f150 sales. My dealer got 5 total, 1 37 and 4 35 but ford didn’t fulfill all 5 in 2021 and some got rolled into 2022.
  4. nmp1

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    did an owners experience video
  5. nmp1

    Front Camera Malfunction

    Did you have your camera recall done?
  6. nmp1

    FSA 21B10 - Cam phaser update?

    I had 21B10 done months ago when it first came out. I haven't noticed any difference.
  7. nmp1

    FSA 21B10 - Cam phaser update?

    A good friend is a senior master ford tech and I spoke to him about this. Some techs lift the cabs and some don't, it usually comes down to what type of lift they have in their bay. lifting the cabs off is becoming more and more common and the diesel guys do it on a regular basis. He said the...
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    Looking for my first Raptor.

    If you're seriously looking at that truck first thing I would do is ask for an oasis report from your local ford dealer and see if there are any outstanding recalls/tsb's. Next would be a very thorough inspection from all side, bring a flash light and be willing to lay under it. the good part is...
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    Front plate needed
  10. nmp1

    2022 Raptor changes?

    The blue recaro interior is no longer standard with the 37 package and atlas blue replaces velocity blue.
  11. nmp1

    What bed cover is everybody running?

    undercover armor flex. no complaints.
  12. nmp1

    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    With the trim pieces being black and grey on the Raptor, the 35 beadlocks really match the look of the rest of the truck.
  13. nmp1

    Things to check after taking delivery

    A friend of mine is a ford senior master tech and told me that they don't check the fluids on new vehicles like they used to. get under your hood and check all your fluids, my engine was half a quart low from the factory. also, get under the truck with a flashlight and check anything that has...
  14. nmp1

    Am I crazy for considering a ~$60k Gen1?

    It's 2 generations old, has no warranty, has lots of aftermarket parts and custom work. Why do you want a Gen 1 so bad?
  15. nmp1

    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Everytime I see code orange.
  16. nmp1

    Anyone looking for a Black Gen 3?

    There was not a markup sticker on it but knowing that dealer I would expect ADM.
  17. nmp1

    Anyone looking for a Black Gen 3?

    A black raptor just showed up at Liccardi Ford in NJ. They also have a one white inbound. both are available.
  18. nmp1

    Is the Gen 2 an instant classic, styling wise?

    I can definitely see scabs becoming collectable one day.
  19. nmp1

    Ford Cracking Down On Dealers

    So in Ford’s eyes: Dealers scamming Ford = bad Customers scamming Ford = bad Dealers scamming customers = ok
  20. nmp1

    Buyer Beware!!!

    as much as that sucks all the sensors in these trucks can be a good thing. powering down and going into limp mode most likely means no real damage was done as apposed to an older vehicle that would run until it destroys itself. sounds like a slow leak, hopefully from a 2 cent part. when my truck...
  21. nmp1

    Autostop Eliminator Working Great

    I have one on my 2020, well worth the $90 to never have to mess with it again. Some of the hacks out there have negative side effects and this has none while still allowing you to use it. My truck has been into the dealer several times for TSB's/recalls/warranties and the dealer never said a...