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    22 Raptor Order Banks

    With the 22s order bank opening next week, why haven't we seen any updates from Ford? I know the Bronco got a new color but nothing on the raptor, seems odd. Called my dealer and he has heard nothing as well. Never had such a hard time spending 90k
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    Triple Bezel Fog Lights - No Longer Working

    Raining cats and dogs here in Houston this week and I had to unfortunately venture out yesterday. I was driving down a dark side road when I noticed only 1 single fog light was working. (Out of 6) Everything was working perfectly last week when I tested them, normal conditions. I have them...
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    Replace OEM sub with kicker?

    Is it worth / possible to replace the factory sub with an 8 inch kicker comp sub. I see it is possible to utilize factory box and connections.
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    GEN 2 Buying a used 2019

    Buying a used 2019 with 8k miles from CarMax. The Carfax shows proper maintenance and it has one owner. Is it worth taking it to the Ford dealership to do an "inspection" to make sure there are no major issues? First time raptor owner and I see how much abuse these trucks are subjected to. A...