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  1. EMY92

    What is this for

    It's for nursing baby Raptors.
  2. EMY92

    Ravelco vs. Kill Switch

    Where I live, it's not much of a concern. However, if I go to DFW, Austin, Houston, or especially San Antonio, the truck can be in Mexico before you know it's gone.
  3. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    I'd say that's a design issue and not something that can be easily fixed.
  4. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    Got the word on my truck today. The issue is what is covered by the TSB. I did give a printed copy of the TSB to the dealer when I dropped it off.
  5. EMY92

    Live traffic

    I think you have to be navigating for the traffic to appear. It only appears on your route.
  6. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    Give the dealer this TSB, it's easy to check and honestly, since this has been an issue for 7 years across many Ford vehicles, they should have had a decent guess on what it is.
  7. EMY92

    Anyone use a truck cover for outside parking?

    I would worry about dragging the cover over dirt and dust and scratching the truck more than I'd worry about the sun. Use a good coating or similar that has some UV protection and call it a day.
  8. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    OK, not being a incredibly patient person, I found a TSB on the issue:
  9. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    That's what I feared. I don't know if it's worth keeping my appointment. @Buster mine has only gone out twice. Once was after driving about 60 minutes, the other was after 90 minutes or so. I've got 4,000 miles on the truck now, so it happens every 2,000 miles or so. I can pretty well...
  10. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    What did the dealer find? I've got an appointment for the end of the month, but I'd like to be able to point them in the right direction instead of the dealer keeping it for 3 or 4 days, then tell me they can't replicate. Of course they can't replicate it, it's happened twice in 6 months. The...
  11. EMY92

    Built but on chip hold now

    It's one of the rights of passage. I received my truck 4 months after it went down the line.
  12. EMY92

    BlueCruise Refund Info / Poll

    Called Ford customer service today. That was a waste of time. "Oh, we can't look up what VIN numbers this apples to."
  13. EMY92

    BlueCruise Refund Info / Poll

    Still haven't received the letter.
  14. EMY92

    2022 Fender Flare Color Code?

    A light cutting pad on my Porter Cable XP7424. I used a polishing compound. It didn't take much effort.
  15. EMY92

    2022 Fender Flare Color Code?

    I've got an unopened back drivers side and front passenger side. The ones on my truck were scuffed when I picked it up, so new ones were ordered. I was able to buff out the originals, so I've got spares.
  16. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    A dirty filter can slow the airflow over the coil enough to ice, especially if you are low on refrigerant.
  17. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    I always use auto, so I don't think it matters.
  18. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    Please post what they found/did. I have mine scheduled for the end of August. BTW, 98 would have been nice compared to when mine went out. Also, it was in south Dallas, not exactly the part of town I wanted to park the truck for a few minutes waiting for it to correct itself. I wasn't...
  19. EMY92

    Air Conditioning - not working

    Happened to me for the second time today. It will be going into service later this week. The first time it happened was about 2 months ago. It has only happened on trips over 80 miles, then it doesn't do it consistently. Fortunately, it was a pleasant 107 when it took a dump on me...
  20. EMY92

    MSRP Guesses?

    I don't think the R will come with many options, everything will be standard. I'm betting on $104,900. Then, dealers will try to add $50-$100k.
  21. EMY92

    Are other car manufacturers having part issues and production delays?

    I know Mercedes dropped several models from the US market. Just couldn't get the parts to make it worth trying to sell here. I think the Euro companies are worse than trying to buy American. I've also read that Toyota keeps dropping their production targets for the year. Toyota was in great...
  22. EMY92

    Factory BFG’s 35 Load Range E

    BFG probably subbed them due to supply issues for the C's.
  23. EMY92

    Raptors Stolen from Dearborn

    There were 3 Raptors stolen from the lot last Fall. FRF member Stan G bought one of them from a dealer in the Dearborn area due to the uncertainty of ever seeing the truck he'd ordered.
  24. EMY92

    Truck has been stuck in Salt Lake City.

    It's not actually at the rail yard. They needed a few extra trucks at Raptor Assault, so your delivery will be delayed a few weeks. Good news is that the desert pinstriping is added free of charge.
  25. EMY92

    Why is this yellow fluid being expelled from side vent?

    If you have a kid, set the up there on the radiator with a cell phone videoing it. :)