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    2023 For Lightning

    Huh? Do you drill for oil and refine your own gasoline? You think the government can't stop you filling up your truck with gas if they wanted? At least an electric truck can be charged completely off-the-grid with solar panels.
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    American Roll Cover Installed on Black 37 Package

    Great choice! I researched all the retractable covers and reached the same conclusion. The American Roll Cover is the best. Very happy with mine.
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    Any improvements for the folding rear underseat storage?

    I really dislike the folding storage compartment under the rear seats in my Gen 3. I have a lot of stuff I used to keep in the narrow compartment under the rear, driver's side passenger seatback in my Gen2. Rope, utility knife, gloves, flashlight, etc. This was super useful and the space was...
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    No 800a for MY 23 Raptors

    Makes sense to me, the take rate is probably close to zero.
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    How to sell ordered truck to a friend

    Maybe the reason there is a $25k ADM is because some guys decided they had to order 3 trucks?
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    HVAC fan weak?

    Sure, but you're missing the point. Whether the issue is that the fan is under-sized, under-utilized or whether the whole system is undersized - the cooling capacity is lower than it should be and the whole system feels weak, particularly given the large cabin volume. If we're lucky - the...
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    HVAC fan weak?

    Anyone else find that the max fan speed on the HVAC system is just not that powerful? When I put the truck on max A/C - the air is pretty cold, but the velocity and volume is just not that high compared to other cars. It feels like the max fan setting is only 8/10 of what it should be. The...
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    Why is this yellow fluid being expelled from side vent?

    The picture looks just like some ordinary spots of dried dirt after the truck gets rained on. If it's coming from both vents, there would have to be an obvious fluid leak spraying all over the engine bay. Since there's's probably just dirt.
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    Nobody missing BlueCruise?

    Yes, I’m mad, I have to drive several hours to get to any good off-roading and I was looking forward to Bluecruise. But … nothing to be done about it.
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    “Secure” package vs others?

    This is all worthless crap that your bottom-feeder dealer is pushing, nothing but extra profit for them, the companies will probably be bankrupt or refuse to pay if you ever make a claim.
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    5 day review

    “D button”?
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    Gen 2 vs Gen 3 Shocks

    The Gen3 suspension is what I’ve always wanted from a pickup truck. Been trying different models since 2010, including the Gen2, and never found one I liked. Didn’t want to sink a ton of money into crazy aftermarket setups either. That said, there is still a section of highway near my house...
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    HVAC not so powerful? And other complaints

    Yeah, I have noticed that it will not activate the A/C if it is not hot outside. If the outside air is 65F or so - it won't really cool down the interior of the truck that well. If the outside air is 80F or above, something like that, the A/C works fine and is super cold.
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    HVAC not so powerful? And other complaints

    Yes. The fan just doesn't blow that hard, or there is some issue with the balance. Disappointing. As I mentioned in my original post - my left dash vent is also weaker than the center ones, which is kind of annoying. If I have my hands on the steering wheel - my right hand gets colder than my...
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    OEM Bed Extender, Bed Missing Threads, Anyone Else ??

    Damn, sorry, I misunderstood! Not even missing the threads, but missing the block where the threads would be. That sucks.
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    Engine vibration

    Mine does that too. I made a post about it last fall. Seems to have gotten better with mileage. It is so minor I haven't been confident that a technician at the dealer would even acknowledge it.
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    OEM Bed Extender, Bed Missing Threads, Anyone Else ??

    My 2019 Gen2 did not have threads in the bed holes either. The bolts I got with the bed extender kit were self-tapping. Steel into soft aluminum, works fine, but probably you won't be able to remove them in a few years, hah. If you want to, you can buy a thread tap at any good hardware store...
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    Apple Car Play Integration

    It's fine with me as-is, though I wish there were some more useful screens we could put on the right.
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    Towing Opinions

    How do I verify the grille shutters are opening?
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    Random Gen3 Musings (questions too)

    Regarding the OP - I agree with most of your comments. The gauge cluster design leaves a lot to be desired - especially frustrating since they literally could do whatever they wanted. However, the "vacuum gauge" is also the boost gauge, which is also how it worked on my 2019.
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    Random Gen3 Musings (questions too)

    I don't think this is the reason, the regular F-150s of this generation still have the gear indicator. The Raptor has the "Raptor settings" (exhaust, steering, suspension) icons in the same place. I think Ford just couldn't be bothered to figure out a better layout.
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    Favorite Tonneau Cover

    Here's a (lousy) shot of the American Roll Cover canister. You can see it fully clears the cleat.
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    Favorite Tonneau Cover

    About $2,500 if I remember correctly.
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    Favorite Tonneau Cover

    I just got this one - American Roll Cover - for my Gen3. It is made in the USA and NOT a rebrand of someone else's unit - has a lot of features that are nicer than the other options. Best part of it for me - the box/canister that stores the...