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    How much taxes and fees do you pay annually in SC or NC state?

    Thinking about moving to one of those states. Can't find information about annual taxes and license plate fees there. How much do you pay for it? for 2019 SCrew in CA I paid just few days ago ~$780 for license renewal. Do you pay more or less?

    License plate renewal

    Hey guys, how much do you pay for license renewal? In CA, Los Angeles for 2019 with a sticker price around 70K paying $780. I'm especially interested in how much it is on the East Coast (NC, VA) and South (TX).

    How much did you pay for light installation?

    Have Rigid front bumper kit and Baja S1. Just curious what would be the average price. Called today to two different services, one said that they will charge 564 for installation, and other said 700. How fair is this?

    Hello, my name is Vitaly and I'm raptorholic

    Bought it WA, if some Californians want to buy with no markup, I can share contact info to sales who did a good deal to me.