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    2021 Code Orange 35 Gen 3 Raptor

    2021 Ford F150 Raptor Supercrew 17,500 Miles. Daily Driven highway use only. Drives 100+ miles a day to work. Never been off-road. Oil changes done with Amsoil 5w30 XL oil and filter every 5,000-7,000 miles. Packages include: Exterior Graphics package, 801A Technology package with 360 camera...
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    Scored Raptor R

    Finally scored the only allocation at a dealer in texas for the R! Settled at 20k$ adm as so many other dealers are 40-60k$ and above. Got my confirmation and ford performance shows it sent to the plant for processing so they indeed had an allocation! Awesome!
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    Out of the business unfortunately

    Well guys I hate to report that after everything that has happened this year(watching my truck being built, recieving my ford raptor on October 1, 2021, and learning so much in the Ford business through my training and opportunities; I have resigned my roles as a Ford technician yesterday...
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    For those that contributed to Ford Performance Care package, PLEASE READ!

    Thank you all to those the contributed to the donations for the gift cards to Ford Performance! As a thank you I recieved this in the mail today and am passing it on to you guys here on FRF! Thank you for being a part of the contribution and sticking together as one big raptor community!
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    What oil?

    As some/most of us are starting to get their Gen3's delivered I figured I'd start a thread just to see what all oil brands/filters etc you plan on running. I've always been a Ford OEM guy being at the dealership etc, and haven't seen any major issues with motorcraft being used. Just curious...
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    Verified gen 3 fixes for issues (sticky?)

    Here are verified fixes for various concerns I've noticed on my gen 3 ownership since Friday 10-1-2021. 1. Rear fan noise from dcaca module under driver rear seat. Needs SSM(special service message) 50167 performed by dealer for module update to change fan programmed parameters. 2...
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    Picked up my code orange 28 ago and got a thump

    So I picked up my truck yesterday. I am completely in love with it. No concerns or issues at all. Then today I'm driving around with a passenger and everytime I come to a stop and go to take off again there's a thump/thud noise from the RF seat. It's like a loose seat bolt or something. I...
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    And this just happened today!!! Crap!

    My code orange just dropped at my dealer, she will be mine at 3pm. :favorites37: :happy107: :favorites37: :p :p :pepper:
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    Software updates and concerns with posted ford fixes

    Hey guys I'm starting this thread to help ya out and post any bulletin numbers and such so u guys can get free software upgrades. Hope this helps. There's one out now for reprogram rear dca module for fan noise. Take to your dealership and get the free software update!
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    My code orange experience was out of this world

    Somehow someway I was blessed with the greatest experience ever at 12:09AM 9-27 I watched the production of my code orange raptor 801A all packages minus 37 performance roll through it's spots at DTP all the way to QC and checks. This is the greatest thing I have ever been able to witness(even...
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    Care package to the guys of Ford Performance(CLOSED for donation)

    As everyone here is getting closer to deliveries of their trucks soon, I thought it would be a awesome idea to put something together to send to the guys at ford performance for all their patience taking care of tracking everyone's order both on chat and phone calls. I have decided to take the...
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    Took delivery of my raptor today .... Kinda

    So I'm excited I came home from work and this was waiting for me!!! It is a raptor....I mean no lies there:33:. Let's face the facts, were all bored of waiting, going insane, speculating, pissed off ect. So what are you guys all doing in the meantime to pass the time and stay sane? I been...
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    Just a warning for those tuning gen3s.

    Just wanted to warn those interested and possibly looking into tuning their gen 3s. Older gen 1s and 2s used the older IDS program at dealerships for diagnostic purposes. Those versions of diagnostics created log files and sometimes Ford would ask for those logs to do some checking or verify...
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    KBB Cash offer experience for my gen 1, anything I can do?

    So I took a cross country trip in my gen 1 late may/early june to west coast from Indiana. Arrived back the 2nd week of June and filled out a KBB cash offer for my gen1 online. I made an appointment with a local used car dealership here who agreed to purchase my gen 1 for the offer. After...
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    2021 Code orange new member

    Hey guys, Scott here from Fort Wayne Indiana. I am a local ford mechanic here in Indiana if anyone ever has mechanical questions or need help do not hesitate to ask! I recently sold my 2014 Mustang GT/CS and my 2013 SVT Raptor, and have a 2021 Code Orange 801A, pan roof, 35s with graphics...