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    Strange Braking problem

    So recently had a new long block and turbos installed by a local Ford Dealership, and ever since then I have had issues with the brake light coming on. When I first crank the truck, I have to drive it about 30 minutes then the light will come on and a warning on the dash will say to check the...
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    GEN 2 Engine making strange noise. Time for a rebuild?

    Did a spirited drive and got up to 100mph, shortly after doing so there was a loud squeal like a belt slipping/seized pulley and a loss of power. Squeaking stopped. Pulled over and popped the hood and the truck soon died while idling. Wouldn’t crank until it was jumped. Once it cranked it...
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    2012 Blue Supercrew $34000

    Located in 77565 My boss recently took delivery of his 17 Raptor so it's time to sell his 12. It has just under 67k miles and it is well taken care of. It's a blue super crew and it is fully loaded. Blue aluminum interior and blue inserts in seats, sunroof, bed extender and tailgate step...
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    Anybody running CameraSource Cameras?

    If you are running their more expensive backup camera (, can you post a pic the radio screen while the camera is engaged? Want to make sure the field of view is true to the...
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    OEM Projector lights

    In good working condition.
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    Small underseat storage

    I'm trying to find an underseat storage box that will fit where the factory sub is at in the supercab. I want to have storage there and a sub enclosure under the drivers side rear seat. Any ideas?
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    Upgrading backup camera

    I traded in a 2014 Tremor for a 2012 Raptor and the raptor did not have a backup camera. since my tremor had one and I used it daily I wanted to add one to my raptor. I order this PAC BC-FD01 Ford "Oval" Replacement with Camera for Select F Series Trucks and installed it. I'm not happy...