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  1. Dane

    GEN 1 Power Point Timeout - How do I make 12v turn off when truck is off?

    I have been searching around for this without much luck other than how to do it in newer models. I have a Gen 1, and I'd like my 12volt power plug to turn off when the truck is shut off. From a fair amount of Googling it seems this may be a FORScan option, but I'm not sure about my generation...
  2. Dane

    GEN 1 Strange Steering issue

    This is a weird one. A couple weeks ago I took a trip up to Killpecker sand dunes in Wyoming. This was about a six hour drive toying my toyhauler camper. No issues on the drive. When I got there I discovered that a friend had already crashed/wrecked his RZR. It was still out in the dunes...
  3. Dane

    GEN 1 Mishimoto Radiator upgrade experience?

    After overcoming some tranny cooling problems I've now run into some engine heat issues. I upgraded my Roush supercharger to the 69mm pulley and full Kooks headers. Now I find that when towing my toyhauler up the rocky mountains I can start heating up my motor in a few steeper spots when the...
  4. Dane

    GEN 1 Steering Wheel clunk

    I've started getting a bit of a clunk in my steering wheel, right around the twelve o'clock position. It's noticeable when you wiggle the wheel back and forth. It's not really noticeable driving on the street, but on bumpy roads it's very annoying. I can feel and hear it. I tore into the...
  5. Dane

    GEN 1 Front Camera not working - won't enable

    I did a bit of searching, found some similar threads, but no answers. My front camera has stopped working. I've used it plenty in the past, so I'm familiar with needing to be in one of two modes to use it. The camera behaves as if I'm not in one of the two modes (Off-road/rear diff locked or...
  6. Dane

    GEN 1 Front Axle Shaft Replacement?

    I couldn't find this being covered elsewhere. Is anyone familiar with replacing the front axle shafts? I think one of my CV joints is toast, or getting there. I am very familiar with IWE and shock replacement, but what else is entailed in removing the axle shaft? I haven't found any videos...
  7. Dane

    GEN 1 Random "Trailer Disconnected" Message when towing a specific trailer

    When towing my car hauler my truck likes to ding and give me the "Trailer Disconnected" message. During that time (which usually lasts a few seconds until it says "Trailer Connected") the brakes and lights continue to function as normal. My other trailer does NOT do this. My car hauler also...
  8. Dane

    GEN 1 Recon Third Brake Light? - 264111BKHPR

    I know Recon doesn't have a great reputation. OK, now that that's out of the way, my third brake light LEDs are crapping out. The only option I've found other than a very expensive OEM replace is Recon (at least they have a fully working DOT version now for the Raptor). Has anyone tried this...
  9. Dane

    GEN 1 Carbon Fiber Triple Gauge pod - center Dash

    Talking to a buddy who can make a triple carbon fiber gauge pod fitted to the center dash of the Gen 1 Raptor without losing the middle speaker. Would there be interested in him cranking out a number of these? What do you think a fair price is?
  10. Dane

    GEN 1 Tach reads 1,500 low after upgrades

    Just finished a big set of upgrades on my 2012 Raptor. These include a Melling oil pump, full Kooks headers, and a 69mm pulley for my Roush supercharger (along with a million misc things along the way). Fired it up, runs great, but we've found one issue. The dash tach consistently reads about...
  11. Dane

    GEN 1 Tie Rod Upgrade - which?

    I haven't found a great discussion about this, so I'd like to pose the question. I'm at 85K miles on my 2012 Gen 1 and my tie rod ends are at the end of their life. I'm actually surprised they've last this long with the abuse they've been through. I haven't even had an alignment (though it's...
  12. Dane

    WTB - AFCO Heat Exchanger - 80284PROB

    Looking to upgrade my heat exchanger to the AFCO 80284PROB. Who wants to make me a deal on this? :driver: Take my money.
  13. Dane

    GEN 1 Wide Band O2 Stock?

    I'm hoping for a definitive answer here. I've read a few references that seem to indicate that the Raptor (mine's a 2012) has a wideband O2 sensor stock. Is this correct? Does this mean that when installing an air/fuel gauge you don't need to install a sensor, but rather tap in to the...
  14. Dane

    GEN 1 Shop that knows their stuff in Denver?

    Does anyone know a good (maybe race?) shop in Denver? I'm interested in some performance upgrades like headers, oil pump, and maybe some on-site tuning. Does anyone know a place in the Denver area that knows their way around a Raptor? Thanks!
  15. Dane

    GEN 1 Vacuum System 101?

    Admin, please delete this post. Duplicated in both Engine sections ************************************************************* I want to educate myself a bit more on the vacuum system - specifically regarding the IWEs since I've had my share of issues. I'll list out the basics I understand...
  16. Dane

    GEN 1 Vacuum System 101?

    I want to educate myself a bit more on the vacuum system - specifically regarding the IWEs since I've had my share of issues. I'll list out the basics I understand and I'm hoping a guru can expand on them. Things I understand. Engine Vacuum is used to maintain 2wd by retracting/disengaging...
  17. Dane

    Roush Supercharger real world PSI at altitude?

    I had a Roush supercharger installed around May of 2016. The dealer didn't get my gauge until sometime later and then had to replace it due to an issue. What I found strange was a change in boost readings afterwards (replacement was just due to LED colors, not boost function). It seemed like...
  18. Dane

    Roush SC Tune Question

    I had a Roush supercharger installed last year by a local dealer. Rather than the Roush tune, we went with yours. I'm noticing I can find a dull spot in third gear under moderate+ throttle. It pulls through it, but you can just feel that it either bogs down... there's a power loss, hard to...
  19. Dane

    GEN 1 Right Rear Door Open Message

    2012 Raptor Screw with 70K miles. I've been getting a message that my right rear door is open (and the corresponding little door open icon) when it's not. At first it was intermittent, but now it's most of the time and it's driving me crazy. I assume it's sensor related. I still have an...
  20. Dane

    Killpecker Sand Dunes, Wyoming

    Has anyone played at Killpecker? I'm considering a trip out there with friends this summer and information on the internet isn't overly thorough. We'd be a mix of vehicles, RVs, Tents, etc. My understanding is that the dunes are pretty large with plenty of room to play. What's the camping...
  21. Dane

    GEN 1 RCV Axles on a Daily Driver

    I'm hitting a point of frustration with four wheel drive failures that I need a permanent solution. The only real one I have been able to find is the RCV kit, but after reading through quite a few threads, I have concerns. What do you guys think about going to RCVs on a daily driver? I do...
  22. Dane

    Roush Boost gauge color changing issue

    I had my Roush Supercharger installed a while back, but only recently was able to have the boost gauge installed. Since the Roush LED gauge isn't dimmable, I had the shop wire it up to be white during the day (no headlights) and blue (headlights) at night. It works pretty well since the blue...
  23. Dane

    GEN 1 P0430 Error, not long after Roush SC

    I have had my Roush SC installed for about 2,000 miles and everything seems fine. A couple days ago I noticed a rattle which appears to coincide with engine RPM. From a previous problem on a Ram, I thought it sounded like a catalytic converter that's gone south. Now, my truck just threw the...
  24. Dane

    Seminoe State Park/Reservoir, WY?

    Has anyone been to the Seminoe State Park/Reservoir area in Wyoming, south of Casper? I'm wondering if it'd be a fun Raptor place. It looks like there's a boating lake as well. Maybe my Google-Fu is off, but I can't seem to get a good feel for it. I'm considering running up there some...
  25. Dane

    GEN 1 New Roush SC install - is this normal?

    I got my Roush SC installed two weeks ago along with the upgraded pulley, throttle body, and JDM tune. I've noticed that from a stop, just foot on the brake, the sucker really wants to go now. It's noticeable. I kinda assume it's just the extra power since the idling speed seems normal...