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  1. zer0bot

    BlueCruise Refund Info / Poll

    My Truck was a dealer order for their stock/not a custom order and I received my letter today, saying to send in the purchase agreement and they will send a check for $795.00 Truck arrived Sept 14th 2021 I guess it depends on when you purchased it
  2. zer0bot

    Faraday bag/cage/pouch

    This is the one I have and it works
  3. zer0bot

    How many miles came on your new Raptor?

    6 I know the manger locked the keys in the safe when it arrived
  4. zer0bot

    2021 Raptor 37 Fuel Range ?? Only 415 with full tank

    I have heard 500 miles and I got close to that going to Utah and back, it was 150 today to fill up in Tustin
  5. zer0bot

    Picked up 37 today. Hanging Tube left Rear. Help

    My 35 was like that as well and this is where i put it