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    Another what the hell is this thread

    Slow reply, but that's a speaker cable for a vizio surround sound system (home surround sound). You can see the "V" logo embossed on the connector.
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    Do replacement Gen 2 fender flares come painted?

    Also to add. Replaced my rear flare and it did come painted as well.
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    *Cobb Accessport V3 w/ TCM

    Scam pretty sure. Copied my verbiage from my post. Also inconsistencies in th parts he is selling in both of his posts and the history of this user.
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    Cobb Accessport v3 w/ TCM

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    Just small clarity. Raptor spec is 6x135 and offset -1. The one you listed is the Toyota spec and does have center caps. Raptor spec does not have caps yet. That being said, the thread below has a few pictures from different members with different tire sizes...
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    Cobb Accessport v3 w/ TCM

    Bump 700 shipped. Sprinkle in some extra cash for the PayPal fee if that's preferred. :)
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    Looking for feedback on Carbon Fiber steering wheel options

    I had a Vivid Racing custom steering wheel on mine. Great quality and no complaints. They can do pretty much anything you want and do steering wheels for tons of brands ranging from tuner cars to trucks to Ferraris and the like. They are branded as VR Bespoke. My specific wheel was leather top...
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    Cobb Accessport v3 w/ TCM

    Bump. 750
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    Cobb Accessport v3 w/ TCM

    Bump $800!
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    Cobb Accessport v3 w/ TCM

    It is definitely visible to the dealer while installed. I'm sure the dealer would be able to do a deep dive after it's uninstalled to check if they cared enough. So if you want to be super safe with your warranty, probably best not to tune.
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    Cobb Accessport v3 w/ TCM

    Hi All, Selling a Cobb Accessport v3 with tcm tune for gen 2 raptor. It also has a stage 1 Goosetune for a 2017 Raptor on 91ACN. Goosetune is relevant if you a similar setup to the truck but otherwise would need to purchase another tune from him if you want it more custom to your truck. However...
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    Q. Recommended tire pressure (road driving) for 37” K02 (stock wheels)

    Theoretically you should be dropping your pressures some going to a 37x12.5. Some of it may be preference but if it were me I'd go at least to 34. I currently have 37x13.5 and run lower than that. I honestly can probably drop lower than what I am running now but haven't done it. Many will tell...
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    GEN 2 COBB Accessport - Tuned by GooseTuned

    What do you attribute the torque difference to? Just truck to truck variation or is there a systematic reason?
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    Is anyone running 37s on Eibach springs?

    There's a post about 8 threads down asking this same question. Probably get you a quicker answer.
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    BlueCruise and aftermarket bumpers

    I would imagine the ACC sensor plays a larger role in Super Cruise performance compared to the small proximity sensors. Those proximity sensors I believe are ultrasonic and short range. The ACC sensor I believe is radar and much longer range. Super Cruise would seem to lean heavy on image...
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    BlueCruise and aftermarket bumpers

    I think it's relatively likely. You would have to relocate the adaptive cruise control module but that is nothing new. It can be a little touchy to get it setup when relocated but not generally a big deal. The rest of the related monitoring system, I think, is up in the windshield.
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    Car seat marks in leather seats?

    Also leather conditioner, heat and some massaging will help. May even try a steamer if you have one/feel up to the task. The leather may more or less be stretched a tad forever but I think you get get the shapes out
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    37" tire guidance please!

    Yeah the tire situation for 37s on 18s was a little interesting. 37x13.5x18 are significantly cheaper than the 12.5 versions and seem to be more available. Decent bump up in price from 17 to 18 on 37x12.5.
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    37" tire guidance please!

    Ehhh tough to say. I've had a few 37" setups all with essentially 1.75" added up front and then icon stage 1 in the rear. 37x12.5 Yokohama MTs on +18mm offset. This required some very minor trimming of the corner of the fender liner. Fine for the street and lighter off road. I did rip the...
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    37" tire guidance please!

    I have 13.5s on my TE37s. I think I'd prefer the 12.5s but 13.5s are fine too. I have modified front fenders though. Trimmed and push back some.
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    Rear locker in 2h - possible to program in?

    Not as simple as programming but this is what you would want.
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    Venomrex from factory?

    No proof but highly doubt it. Many of the mid to higher end Ford wheels are manufactured by a company called Dicastal. Possible that Vorsteiner contracts them too maybe. But also maybe the guy is confused because you could argue 17" Venomrex 602s in gunmetal look very similar to 2019-2020...
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    FordPass Questions

    Should just be a Master Reset for Sync 3. Not linked to those other modules.
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    Front Camera Malfunction

    Not sure about your other codes, but the grease is the rain sensor. This thread talks about it: Could be linked to the codes in some way though.
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    Speedometer is off by 5mph

    Cobb does allow you to put whatever height you want in there. I think stock the number is like 33.4" (less than even the ideal size of 34.35"). I have had Yokohama 37s that are 36.8 or so without a load and now BFG 37s that are like 36.3 unloaded. I have just adjusted that number to compensate...