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  1. Therock88

    OEM Intake / Air Box With New Filter

    Have a good portion of the Intake System listed with a new Air Filter from a 2018 Gen 2. All in good working order. Shipping is steep due to size, but priced lower accordingly...
  2. Therock88

    Introduction and Mod List

    So I finally got a truck, and loved the look of the Raptors...And here we are. I have been on this forum for a short time, but figured I never di an Intro post, which is a Sin on Forums! And I realize without photos it will be assumed that I have a Prius. So I have a Gen 2 Raptor SCrew -...
  3. Therock88

    DIY Water / Methanol Injection and GooseTuned Combo

    Hi Group, As on other forums, I typically post up information and DIYs I feel may be useful to others. In that spirit, I have posted a link to one of my DIY documents on installing a Water Methanol Injection System on the Ford F-150 Raptor (or regular F-150 actually). To be clear, this is...
  4. Therock88

    DIY Cheap and Easy Homelink Garage Door Opener Solution

    Hi Group... Newer to this group, but have been in the Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche Boxster S, Jaguar F-Type, BMW, and Jeep Wrangler forums for some time. I typically post DIY's for the forum members whenever I feel it may help others and/or solve a common problem. I will likely put this in a...
  5. Therock88

    GEN 2 Question on Shutdown Screen Graphics?

    When you start up the Raptor, the Infotainment screen shows the "Raptor" animation. When you turn the car off, is that same screen supposed to be the "Raptor" animation or the "Ford" logo. Mine opens with Raptor, and shuts down with the Ford emblem. Just curious if I jacked it up when...