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  1. TrailWhale

    Need a realtor Dallas/Ft Worth

    Not sure this is the right spot for this, but I couldn’t find an “off topic” section, so mods please feel free to move if needed im looking for a full time realtor in the Dallas/ Ft Worth area. Please PM me your info. thanks! jason
  2. TrailWhale

    WTB Gen 1 front suspension

    like the title states. I’m looking for front suspension parts off a first gen Raptor. Upper and lower control arms, tie rods, CV axles, and a full set of shocks (front and rear) Let me know what you guys have Thanks!
  3. TrailWhale

    Gen 1 bumpers

    Hey all, I’m in need of a front and rear bumper for a Gen 1 Looking to sell my raptor for another one, and want to take my Rouge front and ADD rear bumpers to the next one. I’ve tossed out my OE ones, so need a set. I’m in Jacksonville Florida, and willing to drive a couple hours to pick...
  4. TrailWhale

    Rusted Cab Corners

    So after cleaning the truck up this week, I noticed some rust drips on the drivers running board. With some investigation, I found both the cab corners rusting from the inside. Has anyone else had this? And have you had it repaired? I’m a year out of the corrosion warranty, so this will be an...
  5. TrailWhale

    Rear door lock inop

    I have a 2012 super crew, and recently I noticed the drivers rear door lock was not working. It would not lock or unlock with either the door button or the key fob. I replaced the lock actuator in the door, and it still will not work. I checked the wires at the connector, and I'm getting a...
  6. TrailWhale

    New Guy in Western NC

    Hey all. I joined up a couple weeks ago, and have learned a lot reading through the posts here. Looking forward to being able to contribute back as well, and also getting together with you guys, and girls, on some runs. I live in Asheville, NC and make frequent trips back to my home town of...