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  1. nmp1

    Ford Raptor SCAB RIP (2010-2020)

    Well it's finally official fellow Scab owners, Ford has killed the Supercab version of the raptor leaving the Screw as your only option. Whats your plan for the future? would you be willing to go for the larger cab for the R V8 version? Will you be holding on your current Scab for a much longer...
  2. nmp1

    Identifying Gen 2 Ford Raptor Equipment Groups

    Since this keeps coming up and will continue to with used Raptors, why not make it easy for everyone.
  3. nmp1

    The heat is on for the raptor

  4. nmp1

    Oasis report explained

    everyone buying a used raptor or a new one sitting on a dealer lot should get one of these.
  5. nmp1

    Gen 3? seems to be a realistic render and i think their predictions are pretty accurate. i doubt there will be a 2021 gen 2 as they will want to highlight the new f150 and probably wont want to keep making the old...
  6. nmp1

    timing phaser TSB coming

    heard from my ford technician friend today. he told me they got an SSM which is a pre TSB to replace the phasers only (no chains or guides) and they expect the official TSB by the end of the year.
  7. nmp1

    2020 raptor order / new pricing

    Just ordered my 2020. As predicted there was an msrp jump and 802a went up significantly. Video to follow tonight.
  8. nmp1

    ready to order a truck, one last thing to decide

    so ive finally narrowed down exactly what spec i want but there is one last thing im torn on. the FORD applique im going to get the truck in race red with no stickers but im very torn. seems like most owners have them as does everyone that wishes they had a raptor. part of me says its a bold...
  9. nmp1

    2020 800a or 801a?

    been through the specs for 2020 and im torn between the 2 packages. my main hang up is the leather seats. ive never been a big fan of leather, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. i had a 2000 cobra r with cloth recaros and they were the nicest seats i ever sat in, even over my viper which...
  10. nmp1

    2020 F150 Raptor info - Video

  11. nmp1

    2020 f150 info is out

    At the dealer right now getting a print out of the 2020 info. No major changes to the raptor. Video to follow tonight.
  12. nmp1

    looking into my first raptor

    after not having a truck for a few years it looks like i might get back into one with a new raptor. with the 2020's being close to debuting im waiting till july to see what changes.