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  1. Ski4Ever

    Who Makes Beef Jerky?

    I do as low as possible on the smoker (usually 160ish, but it climbs about 180 depending on the weather...easier to keep lower smoker temps when the weather isn't as hot), and it usually takes 2-3 hours or so. At least 2 hours for sure, I'd say, and then start checking every half hour for it to...
  2. Ski4Ever

    Who Makes Beef Jerky?

    I make jerky on my smoker... here's what I do: Partially freeze the unsliced meat, maybe for an hour or so, and then pull it out and slice it right away. You don't want it rock hard so that your knife won't go through it, but the more frozen it is (up to a point), the easier it is to get...
  3. Ski4Ever

    Having cam phaser replacement (21N03) done next week... looking for info about body removal

    Here's a list of everything I can think of: 3 sets of lights in the front bumper, connected to upfitter switches. 1 set of ditch lights on the A-pillars, connected to an upfitter swith. 1 set of reverse lights mounted near the rear tow hooks, connected to an upfitter switch. These wires run...
  4. Ski4Ever

    Having cam phaser replacement (21N03) done next week... looking for info about body removal

    My dealership has finally (9 months after I brought it in for the 21B10 PCM reprogram and it didn't fix the problem) gotten me scheduled to have the cam phasers replaced under 21N03 next week. I've heard that's going to require the body to be separated from the frame. Is that true? If so, how do...
  5. Ski4Ever

    $7.50 gallon gas

    8.3 cents per gallon?!? do I travel down there with a few (or more) thousand gallon tanks, fill them up, and come back? The trip could basically pay for itself!
  6. Ski4Ever

    Looking for Morimoto XB headlight installation video

    That manual excerpt was from a 2019 F-150, though, which clearly must have a headlight centerline height of >35", right? So, why doesn't that mention anything about the -2"? Just to be clear, I'm not saying I disagree with your method or don't think it's correct, I'm just stating that I still...
  7. Ski4Ever

    Looking for Morimoto XB headlight installation video

    Did I miss it, or do those instructions not mention anything about having the beam 2” lower than the center of the headlights, though? It clearly says to adjust the headlights so that the top of the headlight beam is at the same level as the reference line (which is marked at the same height as...
  8. Ski4Ever

    Looking for Morimoto XB headlight installation video

    Oh, I, basicaly the same as what I mentioned about the video I'd seen, where you actually pull your vehicle up to the wall and mark the top of the beam.
  9. Ski4Ever

    Looking for Morimoto XB headlight installation video

    What do you mean by "measure top of the beam to top of the beam"? I once saw a video about headlight alignment, and it basically had you pull up close to the wall and mark the top of the beam, and then back away a certain distance and have you adjust the headlights so that they were somewhere...
  10. Ski4Ever

    3 years, 11 months, and 46,132 miles I finally get Cam Phaser problem

    This might be a stupid question, but if they have to pull the body off of the frame, what does that mean as far as any prep work I have to do before the dealership removes the body? Will the fact that I've hoooked up things like the upfitter switches (using the wires under the hood near the...
  11. Ski4Ever

    Looking for Morimoto XB headlight installation video

    Out of curiosity, do you have quite a bit of lift on your truck, and larger tires than stock? I'm running Eibach springs with stock tires on my 2019, and it's about 39.5" to the center of my Morimotos (34" to the bottom, and 45" to the top). Your 44" measurement sounds high to me, but maybe I'm...
  12. Ski4Ever

    My new Raptor Hello all. My second Raptor. 2022 code orange. First was a 2018 black Raptor that got totaled. See pics.

    Does this thread win “longest title ever”? Haha :p;) Welcome to FRF, by the way!
  13. Ski4Ever

    gvwr and towing

    Looking at the specs, it says it has a 7675lb dry weight. Add in the 48 gals of water (basically 400lb), and you're definitely over 8000lb GVWR. And I know you said the other truck will carry all the rest of the stuff, but does that include the propane tanks? 60 gallons of propane weighs ~250...
  14. Ski4Ever

    gvwr and towing

    Out of curiosity (because I'm still thinking about getting a trailer someday), what trailer are you looking at?
  15. Ski4Ever

    Raptor R realistic fuel economy expectations

    Your final MPG is looks like you averaged the individual MPG values rather than dividing your totals miles driven (1053) by total gas used (80.891), which would give you 13.018 MPG. How dare you report an absurdly high and unrealistic 13.030 MPG! ;)
  16. Ski4Ever

    Raptor on turo

    Have you considered booking through Turo, contacting him, and then using the free cancellation policy if you don't like what he has to say? Looks like you'd have until 1 day before the rental to cancel for free.
  17. Ski4Ever

    What is your favourite 2023 Color (Poll)

    "Favourite color"? Should that have been "Favourite Colour", or "Favorite Color"? Or are you hybridizing (hybridising) your spelling to appease those of us on each side of the US/Canadian border? ;)
  18. Ski4Ever

    GEN 2 CSP 21M06 - Unintended Tailgate Opening

    Ah ha! I knew I wasn't going crazy! Months ago (in winter, here in CO), I was having some sort of work done on my Raptor at the dealer, and I mentioned to them that it seemed like my tailgate had popped open by itself 2 or 3 times previously, and asked them to take a look at it. There was no CSP...
  19. Ski4Ever

    Grand Teton NP-My Nat-Geo Shot

    (and also his last time ;))
  20. Ski4Ever

    Forscan Adaptive Cruise

    Out of curiosity, what do you do with the weight? A 2lb weight isn't exactly small enough that you can just hide it behind part of the wheel and not notice it. Do you just let it hang from the wheel?
  21. Ski4Ever

    Sag with barely any weight..

    Out of curiosity, where did your 400lb estimate come from? You said 150lbs for the tonneau cover, so that leaves 250lbs for 4 people, 4 pairs of skis, 1 bike, and 4 bags? How full was your gas tank, too? At 6lbs/gal, assuming you were relatively full, that's another 200+lbs of sprung weight...
  22. Ski4Ever

    Few clips and pics from some trails I took the Raptor to this past weekend.

    So you didn’t do any post processing of the video to stabilize it and keep the horizon level? That’s all just done by the suction cup mount (which must have a gimbal on it)? What mount is that?
  23. Ski4Ever

    GEN 2 Cam Phaser replacement in your own garage ...

    @ViMo, please try to condense your multiple replies in a row using the “+Quote” feature when replying in the future. Good luck with your repair!
  24. Ski4Ever

    Few clips and pics from some trails I took the Raptor to this past weekend.

    Cool video! What do you use for your video editing software that does the stabilization, etc?
  25. Ski4Ever

    Which compact 12v inflator for 37" tires?

    Plus the MF-1089 is "on sale" right now...this deal can't be beat! :rolleyes: