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  1. K223

    New guy here

    Bring it!
  2. K223

    Texas Proud

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy it.
  3. K223

    New Gen 3 from Florida

    Things certainly changed then. Would have been zippy for sure. Raptors can get out of there own way.
  4. K223

    Who Makes Beef Jerky?

    We can cure meat, but not you lol. Guess I’m good with that :)
  5. K223

    New Gen 3 from Florida

    Welcome! Nice looking truck. But hold on!!! This story requires further investigation. Let me call on another. @smurfslayer Did you have a Cybertruck on order all this time or something like a Model Y or even 3?
  6. K223

    Who Makes Beef Jerky?

    As in cured/smoked meats?
  7. K223

    New Raptor

    Congrats and give me your man card! I want to give it to your wife so she can keep it in her purse. That’s some kind of lady. But do enjoy that truck.
  8. K223

    Front Bumper Touch Up Paint

    Even J7 on a Gen2 bumper was hit or miss depending on how you applied it. That metallic is hard to lay down just right.
  9. K223

    Axle damage?

    Uhhhhhhhh??? Noooooooo
  10. K223

    FINALLY joined the fraternity!

    Welcome and congrats. Give it a shakedown and then she’ll be ready. Enjoy it.
  11. K223

    Axle damage?

    Sounds like $$$$$$$$$$. If your going to keep that truck a long time and regularly do off roading like this, the Currie may be worth the investment. Otherwise get a new housing, parts and reinforce weld it.
  12. K223

    New member, Gen 2 owner but will sell soon, gen 3 should arrive in next 4 weeks

    You put some bead locks on it? Well I guess you plan to enjoy it for how long it may take to get the Gen 3. So a ‘23? I wonder if they will bother with a refresh. Another year after and Gen IV’s a coming.
  13. K223

    New here with 22' 37 pkg

    These trucks flex where they are designed to. Unlike the the Toyotas that have really bad a** shake. If only I could locate that video. You made the right choice. @FordTechOne
  14. K223

    New here with 22' 37 pkg

    Welcome and congrats. Any pics to show?
  15. K223

    I’m bacccck

    Back in the high life again! Good looking truck. Welcome back and enjoy it.
  16. K223

    New Member in Mid Tennessee

    Your back in the high life again. Enjoy!
  17. K223

    Looks like no BlueCruise for Raptor - 801a's READ!

    Has there been any word if BC will come to the Gen 3?
  18. K223

    Hello from Florida

    Welcome Florida guy! Lots of mods you can do. Enjoy it.
  19. K223

    New Member here in CA.

    Welcome. Keep looking, what you want is out there. Maybe you can score a deal on a nice machine.
  20. K223

    How to get more turbo sound

    My 8/19 didn’t have these swirlers in the boost tubes. I went to remove them a long while back after installing my Cobb intake and was looking for more sound. Between the engineering to keep these trucks quiet and the turbos being smaller, it’s hard to get them to sound like an old Grand...
  21. K223

    $109,145 Starting Price

    Customers wanted more performance and during this time period, Eco’s and the Aluminum body translated to better mileage in all F-150’s equipped this way. So became the 3.5 H.O. For the Raptor. More power and better economy. Not that economy was the name of the game in this truck, range was...
  22. K223

    New member from Utah.

    That’s SSI plz