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  1. RaptorFan1988

    GT500 dead - Predator production line dedicated solely to Raptor R?

    I hope not - that show was the cringiest crap I've seen in years.
  2. RaptorFan1988

    2023 Blue Interior - Swapping Wheels

    I realized I could have been more helpful and actually sent RL pictures like you mentioned you were looking for above. Last pic is a shot of the back of the spare on the hanger
  3. RaptorFan1988

    BlueCruise Refund Info / Poll

    I too received by refund check on Saturday. MSRP - I'm at 75,580 for the truck after the refund.
  4. RaptorFan1988

    2023 Blue Interior - Swapping Wheels

    I wasn't in love with them when I ordered them on mine but I liked them a lot more than the standard factory wheels. I can tell you they look much better in person so try and get a look at them before you spend any extra $$$ on aftermarkets.
  5. RaptorFan1988

    Rusell and smith ford Houston Tx

    Agreed with the posts above - don't let the 3k deter you since you've waited this long. I'd buy the truck and leave them an honest bashing in their reviews about the last minute add-on and their threat to sell it to somebody else for 10k over after reneging on your deal.
  6. RaptorFan1988

    Gen 3 order round two.

    Best of luck! It's well worth the wait, the truck is fantastic.
  7. RaptorFan1988

    Premium Fuel

    While it's typical for any vehicle to have better fuel economy on highway vs driving around town I've noticed it in the raptor especially so when you switch from normal to sport mode. In my opinion, sport mode should be the way the vehicle drives all the time and normal mode should be for when...
  8. RaptorFan1988

    Rolled my 3 day old truck

    I want some of what that USAA adjuster is on
  9. RaptorFan1988

    2022 gen 3 sluggish acceleration

    Agreed w. the above comment - if you're that low on mileage your dealer probably put 87 in it when they gave it to you which makes the world of a difference. Try again with 93 and see if it feels any better. Did you put 37s on your 17? Also an impact on the acceleration of these trucks. It's one...
  10. RaptorFan1988

    Moving on from my Raptor

    I can see the attraction - a powerboost platinum is a sweet ride!
  11. RaptorFan1988

    Is Full PPF Worth it?

    Full PPF is significantly more expensive than just doing the spots with the greatest likelihood of impact. Doing the front end, mirrors, a pillars, hood and fenders should run you about half that. I can't imagine a scenario where PPF would do anything for the back of the truck, but you're paying...
  12. RaptorFan1988

    Raptor R

    Thanks for taking up 9 slots for people who actually want a raptor just so you can turn a quick buck.
  13. RaptorFan1988

    Will Raptor prices come down with R released.

    Agreed - I don't see the R having any impact on the regular Gen3s either way. The price point + exclusivity makes the R fit in its own segment. A lot of people already thought the Gen 3 was expensive for what it is, now tack on 20k for the changes in model + 50k markups (guessing) and you're in...
  14. RaptorFan1988

    Exhaust rattle on cold start?

    Thank you for posting this video. I have the same exact rattle on mine as well.... seems to mainly be an issue in normal mode for me.
  15. RaptorFan1988

    35 VS. 37 = SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

    The 37 isn't a trim level or a model... it's an optional package offered on all raptors that have 801A....You don't call a stingray with the z51 package, "A Z51". A base raptor would be an 800A raptor.
  16. RaptorFan1988

    35 VS. 37 = SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

    It wasn’t even remotely accurate when he made it lol
  17. RaptorFan1988

    Bad Experience with Xpel installer @ Seattle Clear Bra

    Can you describe what your issues are or share some images? I had a certified Xpel dealer do the majority of my truck. I had to take it back once to have a bubble taken out but that's about it. Had it done last September with little to no issues.
  18. RaptorFan1988

    FIX: Door rattle B&O sound system

    Thank you for posting this! While this is totally something I can do myself I’m still needing the dealership to look at the exhaust rattle so I’ll ask them about this TSB at the same time.
  19. RaptorFan1988

    FIX: Door rattle B&O sound system

    Did you have any issues with your back window rattling? That’s where mine has issues… rattles like a banshee when it’s fully opened and less and less the more it’s closed.
  20. RaptorFan1988

    Gen 3 Graphics Discussions

    I apologize as I can't remember the name of the forum member who did this - but they had their entire truck stealth wrapped in xpel and then had the graphics applied afterwards and it looked unbelievable. Obviously that required them to get the decals afterward.
  21. RaptorFan1988

    Losing hope on my Raptor……

    I like Dodge products a lot too but its hard to respect them when their fan base is so desperate to validate the motor... like damn, we know it's quicker than a raptor but we just like raptors more... It's not like we can't afford a TRX if we can shell out what's being demanded for a raptor...
  22. RaptorFan1988

    Losing hope on my Raptor……

    Queue TRX fan response going "Why would anyone do that when they've got a V8 hellcat motor, hurrr durr??"