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  1. josh1017

    Tint on pano sunroof

    Has anyone done tint on their pano sunroof? I know it’s tempered privacy glass from factory but curios if anyone has added tint to it. Mainly wondering if the factory tint is enough to keep it cool especially during the brutal Texas summers.
  2. josh1017

    Finally here!

    Well gents, she’s finally home. Been a long journey, originally ordered in July as a 2021, Ford never picked it up and changed to a 2022 in October. Order confirmed on 10/13 built and shipped on 2/28 arrived at dealer yesterday (3/15). 2022 Atlas Blue 801A 35. Hang in there guys, the wait is...
  3. josh1017

    2022 Raptor changes?

    Hey all, new here, HAD a 2021 raptor order that got converted into a 2022. Anyone have any insights as to if any changes will be made from the 2021 to the 2022? unable to find hardly any info on the 2022. Only thing I had to change was going from velocity blue to atlas, apparently velocity...