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  1. KevoUsmc

    Great American Outdoor Show

    Hey, do we have any Gen 3-ers coming out this Saturday to the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg PA this Saturday? I'll be there with some friends but wanted to see if I can do some Raptor spotting this weekend.
  2. KevoUsmc

    PowerPro Air Compressor

    I know the discussion is the same, but the setup now this year is different. Has anyone yet looked into a new air compressor for the tires using ONLY the 2.0 KW PowerPro? The Viair 400/450P seems to reign king on here aside from the Powertank or CO2.. but strictly speaking 120V setups < 2000KW...
  3. KevoUsmc


    Is this where we compare the TRX and the R for the rest of eternity? OooooOoo it's so shiny and clean in here
  4. KevoUsmc

    09/27 Squad

    If you have a build week 09/27 post up here. Let's keep track of us folk less fortunate than most, and pray that the Raptor Gods will bless us with moving our dates forward.
  5. KevoUsmc

    I have a dealer allocation available PA (pre-ordered by dealer, msrp)

    Hey, if anyone is interested one of the dealerships I called last month reached out to me saying they have a '21 in Lead-Foot Gray with the equipment group, tow package, torsen package, convince package, but it's only the 800A.. Anyways they are only asking sticker for $70,105. Send me a PM if...