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  1. Richiemitchell

    1989 Foxbody Mustang LX. Rebuilt with 5k miles. Asking 22.5k

    For sale is my 1989 Mustang LX Hatch. Located in Virginia Beach. I purchased this car in 2015 in very good shape. It was a perfect platform to start the build I wanted. The car was stripped down completely and professionally cleaned and rebuilt. Every bolt was run through the parts washer or...
  2. Richiemitchell

    Set of 37" Nitto Ridge Grapplers with Method MR305 wheels

    For sale are four 37x12.50x20 Nitto Ridge Grappler tires mounted to 20in Method MR305 Race wheels. Tread is at about 50%. Should last another 25k or so. a couple of minor curb rash spots. All wheels are balanced have TPMS sensors and lugs included Located in Virginia Beach near Great Neck...
  3. Richiemitchell

    GEN 2 AFE FMIC loud noise on cold start. What is it?

    I have ADD's AFE front mount intercooler and when the truck is cold it makes a very loud whooshing sound for about 25 seconds then it's gone. I'm thinking it's the charge pipes pulling air and getting everything into circulation but I may be completely off on that. Does anyone else have this...
  4. Richiemitchell

    Installed Icon Rebound Pro's with Falken Wildpeak AT3's

    Waited almost three months for these wheels to come in and finally got around to installing them on the truck. All around I'm very impressed with the ride quality and look of the Icon Rebound Pros. Still haven't had the opportunity to really air down and see if this new bead lock technology...
  5. Richiemitchell

    Wildtrak Bronco vs Raptor experience and pics

    Finally had the opportunity to drive a Wildtrak today and overall I would say it was a great experience. A few things that raised concern for me. My daily driver is a 2017 Raptor so this Bronco will be for my fiancé. The Bronco seems like a great vehicle for our lifestyle and we will be moving...
  6. Richiemitchell

    Passenger side marker tail light almost gone.

    3 of the 4 led’s on my passenger side rear marker light are out. Does anyone know a good place to find a replacement and where to find an install video? Thanks in advance.
  7. Richiemitchell

    Finally did it. 2017 Avalanche Grey Raptor in the garage.

    After months of searching, going back and forth between gens, and driving half a dozen trucks it is finally here. Flew to DC and picked up a Raptor to drive home smiling the whole time. This forum has already helped me tremendously and look forward to learning as much as possible about this...
  8. Richiemitchell

    Gen 3 Raptor talk through video

    Just popped up on youtube. Keep it dirty off-road doing an in-depth look at the truck. These guys are awesome.
  9. Richiemitchell

    Looking for a Gen 2 Raptor

    Hello all, I am looking to get into a gen 2 Raptor since I will be moving out west in the near future and can finally justify having all that capability in a truck. I leaning towards a SCAB (tighter trails by my house) but not opposed to Screw. I would like to try and find a lower mileage...
  10. Richiemitchell

    Timing of purchasing a Raptor

    I am looking to get into a Raptor and was pretty set on a 13-14 gen 1 with lower mileage... Up until the last six months watching the prices skyrocket. I was planning on spending around 50k. Less would be better but I realized I can get into a gen 2 at that price. I am selling my 2013 Platinum...
  11. Richiemitchell

    Found a potential Raptor to buy. Dealer is not very knowledgeable.

    Hello all, Been on this forum for years and looking forward to the day when I could finally purchase one of these amazing trucks. I have been fortunate enough to drive both generations in the desert on several occasions and that's how the Raptor bug really hit me. So here's where I'm at. I'm...