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  1. jeanco

    SYNC® 3 Digital Navigation Map

    Just receive e-mail. Nobody install it? better map? Thank
  2. jeanco

    2024 model:not before end of 2023!
  3. jeanco

    Ford Ranger Raptor will be my next truck!!!!!!
  4. jeanco

    Tail Light Question(s)

    my passenger tail light was broken,BLISS still work. you just plug it or you have to reprogram with BLISS? my top just broke but part are still working,can you get just shell? Thank
  5. jeanco

    WTB 19 raptor left Red LED Light Bar Tail light with bliss

    the top of mine was broken and look for replacement.
  6. jeanco

    in the news techbrief

    Ford F-150 Raptor goes 4-door only; R version next year Ford has unveiled its new Raptor, the third generation of the high-speed, off-road version of the F-150 pickup. Available only in a four-door SuperCrew configuration, the 2021 Raptor receives loads of new connectivity tech and expansive...
  7. jeanco


    my autostop never work in my 2019 raptor? i fell lucky .
  8. jeanco

    bump step?yes or not?

    For me ugly!but protect truck......
  9. jeanco

    Raptor's front drivetrain is pulling you Explanation of 4 A
  10. jeanco

    Jul 4 celebration

    Vehicle Details Ordered On 5/7/2019 Order Number VIN Estimated Dealer Delivery 6/28/2019 802A Luxury Raptor Technology Package Trailer Tow Package Power Equipment Group Raptor Carbon Fiber Package at: Ford vehicle order tracking