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  1. GordoJay

    Dirt, Rocks, Weeds, the usual

    Ran out to Eastern Utah last week and explored a new area near Grand Gulch. Ran up and down a dry wash, camping and hiking.
  2. GordoJay

    Ford selling electric crate motors and someone did an F-100
  3. GordoJay

    Arizona in February

    Ran out to Arizona for a week and California for a week. Cali was OK, but Arizona was nice.
  4. GordoJay

    Little trip to Western Colorado

    Did a trip last week. Perfect weather. First, some mandatory Raptor content Then some stuck Tacoma content: A nice ruin. Uranium miner ruin: And a couple of scenery shots:
  5. GordoJay

    Gateway area, CO Dirt, rocks, weeds ...

    Did a trip last week. Didn't see much interesting. No reason to go here.
  6. GordoJay

    Basin and Range

    On the way to Washington ...
  7. GordoJay

    Ford announces infotainment screens to show ads from local billboards

    Really? There had better be an opt-out short of unplugging the GPS module or Ford is shooting itself in the foot. I can't imagine many things that would make me hate my car more than this.
  8. GordoJay

    Is there something wrong with my ASS?

    It shuts the engine off kind of randomly. Often after I get off the freeway having driven 20 minutes or more it doesn't shut the engine down at a stoplight. Other times, driving around town partly warmed up, it shuts off at every light. Other times not, even fully warmed up. This is without the...
  9. GordoJay

    Bloomberg article on pickup trucks

    Wow. Petro-masculinity. I feel all swole with pride just thinking about that. And I had no idea I was maintaining my performative masculinity by driving a pickup. Here I thought it was the viagra. :D...
  10. GordoJay

    Back to Eastern Utah

    Met my sister and BIL for four days of hiking. They were at a family(in-laws) reunion in Grand Junction. I drove into Yellow Cat, scouted roads with an eye for their trailer and found a campsite for the night. Yes, it's a cow pasture, but it's a NICE cow pasture. We hiked into the back side of...
  11. GordoJay

    Raptor Assault/Utah road trip

    Headed out to Tooele on the 13th. Did RA while my buddy took my truck and went joy riding. Happily, neither of us broke anything. My riding partner wasn't comfortable maskless, so we went full outlaw. When that was done, we headed down to the Henry Mountains for some hiking and camping. It was...
  12. GordoJay

    Feb 2020 builds - Check your transfer case

    My transfer case housing finally made it to Colorado. It was part of a shipment of 38 housings. It's not a part that should fail, so most likely a whole run of transfer cases from Borg Warner is defective. Mine was built in mid-February 2020, so trucks built around the same time might have the...
  13. GordoJay

    My truck in shop and dealer isn't giving me loaner. Options?

    My truck went in on Tuesday. It's in pieces and the part is due in a couple of weeks. The dealer is putting me off about a loaner, saying that they need one to come in first. It sounds kinda sketchy to me. Does this sound right or are they pulling my weenie? Do I just need to beat on them? Any...
  14. GordoJay

    Second trip - go west

    I went out to visit my Mom two weeks ago. She lives in Washington state and the senior living complex where she lives started letting her out. Before, she could leave, it's not a prison, but then she had to self quarantine for 19 day when she returned. Totally not worth it. I decided to road...
  15. GordoJay

    When did Bedrug cut quality?

    I last bought a Bedrug in '03 and the quality was outstanding. Dense closed-cell foam padding and thick sturdy carpet. I just put the XLT in my '20 and neither the foam nor the carpet are high quality. The foam is cheap crap that's mostly large air holes and the carpet is thin. Granted, the...
  16. GordoJay

    First trip in the new ride

    Took a five-night trip down to central New Mexico last week. We were careful about social distancing and wearing our masks. My hiking companion. Oddly enough, people avoided us. They were probably just following the distancing rules. Or possibly it was the unbuttoned fly ... We ended up...
  17. GordoJay

    Garage out of WiFi range - do I care?

    I've got a detached garage that's too far from the router in the house to pick up my home WiFi signal. Is there any reason I should make an effort to get it connected? Will the software update over whatever network they're using for FordPass? If not, do I really care about software updates so...
  18. GordoJay

    I guess I'm official

    I've been hanging around for a bit, but now that I got bit by this bug, I should do the intro thing. Picked up a 2020 Oxford SCREW the other day. 801A with Torsen, step, bed liner, bed lights, and remote start. Can't wait to go out and get her dirty. A quick pic I had my wife snap so that I...
  19. GordoJay

    Quick and dirty polish and interior plastic wipe

    No, not for the Raptor. I'm detailing my old ride so I can sell it. There's quite a bit of desert pinstriping that I want to minimize without busting my butt too much. It's never going to look pristine, so I'm looking for maximum results with minimum effort. Likewise, the interior plastic has...
  20. GordoJay

    Is BLIS included in 2020 801A or not?

    When I use the configurator on, it shows up as included in 801A when I scroll through the options on the left side. It's listed as an option included in 802A, but it's not listed in 801A. I see two possibilities. First is that it's included in 801A but not listed there. The second is...
  21. GordoJay

    Opinions on best level of tech?

    I'm busy shopping for Raptors and can't wait for the shutdown to end so that I can go fondle the hardware. I'm looking online at three different vehicles with slightly different levels of tech. 2020 801A, 802A, and 2019 802A without the technology package. I'm not a big fan of tech in cars. My...
  22. GordoJay

    Questions about running at or above GVWR

    New member here. I really want a Raptor, but have a couple of concerns about loading one up. It would be both a daily driver and a desert trip truck. I want to take three guys and camping gear for a week out to the desert in Western Colorado/Eastern Utah. I started adding up the load and the...