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    2022 Iconic Silver Available

    So I just pulled my name off a dealer order at Autonation Memphis. It was a 35 package in iconic silver, loaded. It had the regular wheels. Last time I checked it had a build week of 4/4. Hope someone on here snags it.
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    Stock order vs. Retail build dates

    So I am curious to see how build dates trend in stock vs. retail orders. My order was a stock order with an 11/11 order date. I was able to make changes to it so that it was ordered the way I wanted it. My initial build date was 2/8 and has now been pushed to a build week of 4/4 according to FP...
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    Factory Shutdowns

    Wonder how long this will drag on. Now we know why some of us with build dates this week got bumped. Dearborn is running limited capacity while others have been shuttered for the week.
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    Interior Pics

    Anyone have some pics of the black 801a interior? How are the seats and the Alcantara inserts?
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    Inventory popping

    Keeping fingers crossed that this trend continues, but today as I searched dealers around me in different major cities, I noticed inventory on Fords website of Raptors popping. What was zero to 1 within several hundred miles the last few weeks is now in the low double digit range. Maybe we get a...
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    MY22 Colors/Updates

    Was fortunate to get a MY22 allocation last week and had decided on Lead Foot, but it’s not an option on MY22. Anyone know any other updates for the MY22 trucks?