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    My 2023 rolled order just got scheduled for 10/17/22. 37 package, Avalanche Grey

    I had another thread about the whole 22 to 23 conversion process but wanted to at least post a data point as I don't know how many 2023's have been scheduled yet. I ordered my 37 package in January of 2022 and got rolled to a 2023 a couple of weeks ago. Today I got the email from ford about my...
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    Rolled to a 23, dealer says avalanche gray is “late avail color” and 2k pro power required with 37 package..

    My order of a 22 placed in January for a 37 package just was rolled to a 2023. The dealer talked with their FSR and said avalanche gray is a late available color and it’ll further delay my order. Has anyone else heard that? He also says the configuration for 2023 on the 37” package requires the...
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    2022 ordered in Jan w/allocation, still unscheduled. Confusion on 23 conversion.

    Hey guys, I've had a 37 package on order since January. I know the sales manager and believe that I truly did/do have an allocation. I haven't been in a rush and don't care about the delay but know we're getting close to a 2023 conversion. If I get rolled to a 2023 is it essentially a new...
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    2018 Ford Raptor Immaculate, tastefully upgraded and low mile!

    Price is firm. 2018 Fully Loaded 802A Super Crew Raptor for sale. Original owner, 30k miles and still under bumper to bumper warranty until December of 2021. Immaculate inside and out and obsessively taken care of by an OCD engineer. Oil changes every 3k miles with Mobil 1 synthetic and...
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    S&B Cold Air Intake

    Used for 7k miles, everything included to install with instructions. $250 shipped
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    One new 2020 OEM beadlock spare wheel and tire

    Brand new, never mounted spare off a 2020 Raptor. Date code on tire is the 44th week of 2019. These are going for over $2k/set of 4 local or $3k/set on ebay. Price is $500 for the wheel and tire.
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    Fitting a 37" tire in the stock spare, lots of pics!

    I just put 37 KM3's on my truck and then looked at putting a full size spare underneath. I read lots of threads on what should/does/doesn't fit etc. but wanted to post some pics of my experience. I have a spare 37x12.5 KM3 but also a spare 37x12.5 K02. The fit is tight to say the least. The tire...
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    Installed 37 K03's and Eibachs, doing rear AAL

    Mounted up some 37x12.5r17 BFG KM3's on the OEM beadlock wheels this weekend and did the Eibach coils up front. As she sits I'm a little under an inch low in the back w/an almost empty tank of fuel. My truck tows our 7k lb trailer 20% of it's life and spends a healthy portion romping around...
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    2017-2020 Raptor ICON .5-2.25" IVD Attitude Front Ride Height Adjustment Collars

    Selling a set of used Icon collars as described here: Good condition, normal wear and tear from the installation/removal and dirt from being on a truck. $230 shipped
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    GoPro Hero 7 and GoPro 3 way Grip arm, tripod, grip. $125

    SOLD, thanks Ed!
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    Brand new wheel/tire assembly, will ship

    Going 37's and have since gone beadlock so I'm selling the new spare off my truck. $300 plus shipping (prob a hundred bucks). First and only time tire shine has/should be on a raptor lol
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    Ultimate man kit for your Raptor

    Selling some top quality gear to outfit your bedside racks, adv/reco kit etc. and look like a boss in the process. Included is: - 6 PAC tool Handlelok clamps ($36/ea new) - Mil spec (fielded with GD) axle, shovel and sledge ($218 new) - Mil spec kinetic energy strap from Safe-Xtract ($149 new)...
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    Wtb: OEM fender flares gen 2

    Looking for a full set ideally but really need a front set. PM me if you have one please and your best price shipped to 89703.
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    Cobb stage 2 P0035 hard fault

    I've been Cobb tune for about 12000 miles and recently developed a P0035 hard fault. Running stock bov, checked connections no issues. Checked iat connections no issues. Wastegate is functioning, no power loss, looking for any folks who had similar issue?
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    Borla X-Pipe resonator delete for Gen 2

    Hey guys, I bought a Borla S-Type for my raptor and initially it was a bit loud for my taste. The S-Type replaces the factory resonator (among other things) with the X pipe however I separately purchased Borla's resonator and took out the x pipe hence the sale here. I know it bolts right up to...
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    2018 stock Fox Coilovers with Icon 2.25" Lift Spacers

    14k miles on the coilovers and they come with the Icon Attitude Adjustment coil spacers. $600 Info on the spacers:
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    Take off 2018 Beadlocks (set of 4) $1099 shipped

    SOLD! Set of 4 beadlocks that were taken off my truck before the first oil change. No damage or funny business, great shape. $1099 shipped via ups ground
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    Who actually likes their aftermarket exhaust?

    I want to put exhaust on my truck that's more aggressive than stock. I have realistic expectations of what a v6 will sound like with exhaust but would like to hear the turbos more and get more bite when I'm on it. I am Cobb stage 2, frequently tow a travel trailer and have a wife and kids who...
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    Gen 2 New Icon Attitude Adjustment Collars .5-2.25" Lift $280 shipped

    Had plans to put these on my truck but need to direct funds elsewhere. Brand new Icon attitude adjustment collars. $280 shipped
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    Like New Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover

    I bought this 3 weeks ago for a road trip and am now selling to heip fund my dog's sarcoma surgery. I'm in Carson City, NV and will sell for $750.
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    CruzTools Road Tech Truck Tool Bag with Tools, $55 shipped

    Brand new bag with some tools for your truck, nice to throw under the seat or in the camper to take on the road. Was $100 new and has never been used.
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    Fox 4" Nitrogen Bump Stops, Brand New $300 Shipped for the Pair!!!

    Brand new 4" travel Fox bumps, $300 shipped
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    Beefy american made aluminum 20k winch snatchblock. $110 shipped

    Safe Xtract brand, was $250 new and has never been used. $110 shipped
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    2019 Beadlock Take-Off Wheels for Sale in NV, will ship

    These were taken off day 1 and have no damage, scratches or anything. 4 factory beadlock capable wheels from a 2019 Raptor. $2,000. Happy to ship but it looks like about $150-200 to ship depending on where the buyer is at.