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  1. jeanco

    2019 802A

    TBS was for 2017 and 2018 Ask the technician to reprogram the powertrain control modules. got a better shifting. but he told me to take easy when cold engine.
  2. jeanco

    2019 802A

    have 1 2019 from July and have done 3 TBS last week,mirrors,third gear, and AC leek. 2 months ago done 21B10.
  3. jeanco

    Honesty.. Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Nope,that the problem having. some times get some snow (Oregon)and Troopers will stop you going further,not with the KO2,little flake on tire!
  4. jeanco

    Honesty.. Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Tera was replace with Recon
  5. jeanco

    GEN 2 Molding carpet at passenger side

    or bring the truck to your stealiship ,it a tsb. think it AC water when you driving at high velocity,the water is push inside. think if u are out warranty they still fixed for free! i use this between carpet and floor:bag full of...
  6. jeanco

    Ac drain hose location
  7. jeanco

    SYNC® 3 Digital Navigation Map

    Just receive e-mail. Nobody install it? better map? Thank
  8. jeanco

    Ford Raptor R vs Ram TRX

    Try to drive a Raptor in L.A.? prefer a G wagon.............
  9. jeanco

    Stock BFG tread life?

    What about hercules tires?
  10. jeanco

    Trade a Raptor for a Lightning?

    in France ,who is one of the nation who use nuclear power(64%) with 56 of them. Half are in maintenance! recently the one located near river have to slow down the reactor aka water of the river was too hot, killing all the life in the river. no safe way!
  11. jeanco

    Stock BFG tread life?

    not rated for snow!
  12. jeanco

    Tire replacement time...

    remenber the KO2s are snow rating tire...
  13. jeanco

    The death of car culture

    every one ate the future... love my raptor and 2003 mustang cobra but car company have to create gimmick: 6o years old man driving their porsche.. aged lady with lexus my wife with her subaru(great car by the way! tesla car for ecolo men who have no clue how bad is . your latest model of phone...
  14. jeanco

    Available 2022 Raptor 37s

    think truck was swap,same color but now it a 2020!
  15. jeanco

    F1 Fans
  16. jeanco

    Alarm Triggered at 3:22am

    i live near track train,train pass 4 times a day, park the truck last 3 years(2019) at same place. 3 times only the alarm has gone on.....when train was passing by??? gremlins? i put my keys on a Faraday bag because it a RAPTOR!
  17. jeanco

    Available 2022 Raptor 37s

    $ 15 000 funny part ,the truck is not listed. lightening: $ 20 000 over they know soon thegame is changing! If Ford start producing!
  18. jeanco

    Available 2022 Raptor 37s

    40 days on the lot at my small dealership!
  19. jeanco

    Built but on chip hold now

    chip hold,what a joke!
  20. jeanco

    2024 model:not before end of 2023!

    may be,Ranger Raptor going to be a bomb!
  21. jeanco

    2024 model:not before end of 2023!
  22. jeanco

    Washing/Waxing the roof of the Raptor.

    i start directly with foam cannon.........
  23. jeanco

    Ford's Jim Farley is probably upsetting dealers, it's about time and I'm ok with that

    last conspiracy theory: all car manufactures ,now, can produce as much they want but slow down for more $$$$$$$$$$$$