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  1. GordoJay

    2nd guessing my choice of Avalanche Grey

    AG is cool. And I don't like gray.White is the most practical. Silver doesn't do it for me, I've never seen one that I liked. But it is practical and nearly as good as white at hiding dirt and blemishes. My second choice would be red. But that's an old man color. It may become stylish again, who...
  2. GordoJay

    35 vs 37 package

    He means that you're acting like a dîck. If he doesn't, I do. Chill out, live and let live, get over it, pop a Xanax, whatever it takes, dude.
  3. GordoJay

    2023 For Lightning

    Good point.
  4. GordoJay

    Ford isn't going to sell EVs direct...

    Are they pulling or are they threatening to pull? Ford doesn't impress me the way they hold their dealers accountable. But maybe the woke dipshíts at corporate are all about protecting the EV market because climate change will kill us all by the year 2000 ....
  5. GordoJay

    Anyone Know This Truck?

    You're very tolerant. Good for you. I think it looks like a guy who dressed in the dark while still drunk. Beauty rings don't match the vinyl or light covers, which don't match either. And if I think so, it's bad. My wife routinely gives me the old "You're not wearing THAT, are you?". She says...
  6. GordoJay

    Gen 3 value?

    You could train your kids ... it's like training a dog except dogs learn faster.
  7. GordoJay

    2023 For Lightning

    I think the real volume buyers are city and county maintenance crews. A lot of those trucks are strictly short range stay in the lot overnight beater trucks. Woke signalling will make them irresitible for blue places.
  8. GordoJay

    Step Aside JohnM

    Send it!
  9. GordoJay

    Who Makes Beef Jerky?

    I find if you rub it right, it will tenderize on it's own ...
  10. GordoJay

    Who Makes Beef Jerky?

    When I bought my smoker, I seasoned it by covering every square inch of grate with bacon. Smoked it for a half hour or so at 200-225 and then crisped it at 350. The hot spots cooked a lot faster, so now I know where they are. The upside of the technique? A couple pounds of double-smoked bacon...
  11. GordoJay

    Who Makes Beef Jerky?

    Low fat cuts generally make the best jerky. I've had really good luck with beef heart. It's cheap and very low in fat. I prefer my jerky to have no sugar and lots of spice. And absolutely zero moisture. Think New Mexico style carne seca. It isn't for everyone, but if the gooey sweet stuff you...
  12. GordoJay

    Limited year for

    Good luck with that .... :rolleyes:
  13. GordoJay

    Buff these out?

    Yeah, in that second photo it looks like the scratch goes all the way through the paint. That's kinda deep ....
  14. GordoJay

    Buff these out?

    I had something similar.... I tried buffing it out. Here's the after .... not too bad, eh?
  15. GordoJay

    Want to buy GEN 3 / Raptor R... Houston at MSRP... :'(

    That's funny. They played salesman games with me. But I'm local. I have better luck getting no BS when I talk to out-of-town dealers. I think they figure they have one shot at me whereas the local guys know it's a hassle to buy out of town. Timing is also a big deal. Huge. Buy when cars aren't...
  16. GordoJay

    Ford Raptor R vs Ram TRX

    You should definitely buy the TRX if this is really the case. Duh. It's not everyone's opinion. Why are you not OK with that? It's the new release of a performance vehicle. You couldn't touch a TRX for MSRP unless you had a connection when they were first released. Some people have to have...
  17. GordoJay

    Ford Raptor R vs Ram TRX

    Buying either one is dumb. So it comes down to which flavor of dumb is your favorite. Would you ask us what kind of ice cream to order?
  18. GordoJay


    "Touching it up" Will we never run out of euphemisms for whacking off?
  19. GordoJay

    Having Trouble Deciding Between Gen 1 vs Gen 2

    Twelve pages of wasted discussion? The answer is obvious. If it's really a toss up, choose the cheaper option. Spend the leftover money on beer. You're welcome.
  20. GordoJay

    Trade a Raptor for a Lightning?

    A free country is one where you can do as you like so long as you're not infringing on others. It's not one where you have to get half of the voters to agree with you to change the rules that everyone must follow. Not true at all. Rather than offer incentives, our government regulates the hell...
  21. GordoJay

    22 Raptor Trade

    It checked more boxes. Mainly, it's comfortable to drive long distances and it's good enough off road that I didn't need to modify it. Nothing else came close in either category. I looked for Leadfoot so that I would blend in more, but white was available with the options I wanted and I was...
  22. GordoJay

    22 Raptor Trade

    Yeah, I know. My point is that nothing good comes from being noticed. Unless you're walking in a crosswalk or similar.
  23. GordoJay

    22 Raptor Trade

    Another reason I don't want mine. I'd much rather be low profile. Nothing good comes from getting attention from the sorts of people that pay attention to Raptors. Folks like us. :D
  24. GordoJay

    22 Raptor Trade

    I'm OK with how it looks ... but it's a dirt trap. I can pressure wash behind it for five minutes and dirt still drools from behind a minute after I turn around.
  25. GordoJay

    Major engine issue after owning my raptor for a little over a month

    This. Times ten. Yes, some are garage queens, but some have been tuned and abused.