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    Feeler: (5) 37x12.50x17 K02's load range D with 17x9 +12 Vision Ojos in bronze

    Hello! I am contemplating switching up my wheel/tire setup. Currently mounted on my truck and has about 5,000 miles on them. The fifth wheel/tire is the spare and hasn't been used yet, still brand new. Wheels have TPMS sensors in them currently and I have black spline drive lug nuts as well...
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    Carbon fiber hood and fender vent covers?

    Anyone used these? I thought it might be a nice upgrade to just the plain black textured stuff.
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    Black speaker covers for non-Sony systems?

    Just curious if there was ever a 09-14 F-150 that had black speaker covers for a non-Sony system. Currently the ones I have are from my 2013 Limited truck that have the Sony lettering on them, and I would love to find a set that are still black, but without the Sony lettering. I was going to...
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    Wolo air horn kit install!

    Was wanting something to replace the stock horns since they're a bit too quiet. Was thinking of going with the Hella Supertones, but also had been looking at air horns. Came up with this Wolo air horn kit locally. Came with everything in it including the compressor, air horns, mounting hardware...
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    Upgrades to support Whipple?

    Hey all, this winter I am looking into installing a Whipple. I'm curious what supporting modifications would be recommended/required for this. It seems like some people have had some bad luck with things, but some people have had great luck with them. It seems like some of the failures I've seen...
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    Aftermarket fenders?

    Hey guys, looking into aftermarket fenders here. Wanting some more clearance in the front for the 37's, plus I need to do some paint work on the RF flare and fender that are on the truck now anyways. At this point I'm not really wanting to do the bedsides since they are a TON of work, plus my...
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    Anyone running 37x13.50x17?

    Thinking of going to a different wheel and tire setup for something a little more aggressive. Currently on 17x9 +12 Vision Ojos in bronze with 37x12.50 BFG T/A KO2. I like the setup and it's been pretty all around great, but I might be ready for a change. Thinking of going to the 37x13.50 Cooper...
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    Painted door and tailgate handles?

    Curious if anyone has changed over paint to match door handles and has pictures. Thinking of doing it on my Terrain supercrew.
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    Rear seat entertainment?

    My 2013 Flex came with the stock Invision DVD system and although it worked great for a while one of the screens is starting to crap out in it. I don't really buy DVD's anymore either, so it's slowly becoming more useless besides the fact the kids can plug the Playstation into them since they...
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    Front and rear suspension upgrade

    After much reading around and research I believe I've finally get my setup narrowed down. Wanting something that rides nicely on the street but can take some good abuse offroad. Here's the current plan: 19+ OEM live valve front shocks KHC front coil buckets Geiser Gen 1 front springs on middle...
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    Rear lighting with tube bumper/dovetail bed

    Figured I may as well look into this as well. Current setup is Alpharex red smoked taillights running some extremely bright reverse bulbs, Baja Designs S2 white work/scene lights mounted into the Evil Offroad Banshee bumper (hooked up to reverse and Aux 4), LED license plate lights that came...
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    Front lighting with frame-cut bumper

    Hey guys, currently running the Morimoto XB headlights, Rigid 40" light bar mounted behind the front grille, Baja Designs Squadron Sport combo/driving in white x2, and Baja Designs Squadron Sport wide cornering in yellow x2. The squadrons are mounted directly to the frame cut bumper. Light...
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    Any reason to replace Sony sound processor?

    Hey guys, have a 2013 that originally came with the full Sony system. Currently have a Phoenix Automotive PX6 Android 9 head unit (with custom firmware), Focal midrange speakers in the front doors with the Focal tweeters in the stock location, Focal components in the rear doors, 12" JL shallow...
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    Roof racks - what are the options?

    Looking to purchase a roof rack, thought it would be nice to be able to mount perimeter lighting to and for gear during trips. Although I like the lower profile racks I do not like the idea of drilling into the roof of the cab. That being said it looks like they do make crossbars that clamp...
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    Any way to lift a Raptor without ruining the ride quality or performance?

    Just something I've always been curious on. Is there a way to lift a Raptor without ruining the ride quality or the performance? I know that you can do like a 2-3" "lift" with something like coilovers or Geisers in the front and Deavers in the back that will retain or increase performance, but...
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    Brake system upgrades?

    Hey guys! Currently have the Powerstop Z36 heavy duty truck front and rear brake kit as well as the Powerstop red powercoated calipers, Crown Performance 6-piece stainless brake kit with red sheathing in a 3" lift length, and the system was flushed and refilled with full synthetic DOT 4 fluid...
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    Setting up exhaust system

    With now having my bed dovetailed with the Evil Offroad Banshee bumper and the RPG Offroad rocker sliders installed, it's time to get the exhaust system properly setup. Currently I have the Kooks longtube headers and then a custom header-back with a Flowmaster muffler that goes over the axle...
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    Suspension upgrades without going crazy?

    Starting to look into possible suspension upgrades for my truck. Currently on top perch front with stock suspension and rear has Roadmaster Active Suspension with a slightly taller block. Shocks rebuilt about 20k ago. Not having any issues, but wondering if there's anything worth doing to make...
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    Hi-Lift jack install

    For those of you that mounted one in the bed, how did you choose to do it? I have the swing cases on the sides, so the only other feasible place was to put it up against the cab. Also, I'm wondering what you guys did for your traction boards, jack plate, and other accessories. Thanks!
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    Third brake light - which one are you guys running?

    Now that I'll be going to the Softopper I'm wanting to replace my third brake light. I still have the factory one, and it's getting pretty dingy and I want to replace it. I know that a lot of the aftermarket third brake lights leak which is one of the issues why the cab corners rust out on these...
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    Anyone running the LVJ 6 switch overhead panel?

    Just curious to see if anyone else is running this and their thoughts on the overall kit. I finally got mine installed, but haven't had a chance to hook anything up to it yet.
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    What truck would you consider selling your Raptor for?

    This though always crosses my mind with new and cool stuff coming out. I love my Gen 1 and have no plants to sell it anytime soon for a different truck, but am curious what you guys would consider selling yours for. I've owned diesel F-250's in the past, and they are awesome if you are hauling...
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    A.R.E. Z-series truck cap - fits Gen 1 supercrew short bed

    Up for sale is a Gen 1 short box (5'7") supercrew (full 4-doors) A.R.E. Z-series truck cap (topper). It has pop out rear windows, sliding front window, carpeted inside liner, roof rails for racks to be installed, inside hanging rail, new gas struts for the rear glass, LED third brake light, and...
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    Gen 1 supercrew OEM running boards with hardware

    For sale is a set of Gen 1 Raptor supercrew OEM running boards. They are in great condition with no bends or rust and were on a truck that came from the south. Includes all the bolts and speed nuts to install. Looking for 150 dollars, located in Des Moines, IA.
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    Rust proofing/winterizing?

    So, I'm prepping my Raptor for winter here in Iowa. We get salt and the like. From what I read the recommended stuff is to plug the cab corner hole, replace the factory rocker hole tape with Gorilla tape, blow the rocker drain holes out, and then Fluid Film the entire underside of the truck...