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  1. jchap711

    WTB KO2 37 located in SC

    Anyone got some 37 KO2 take offs ?
  2. jchap711

    Shackle question

    Hey guys I bought a 2019 raptor with the fox 3.0s and icon leafs. It has a pretty substantial rake. Makes the 315s look like roller skate wheels. I’d like to do some plus two shackles to bring the rear down an inch. Looks like foutz sells some that works with icons. 2 questions Will this...
  3. jchap711

    Possible black gen 3…how would I keep the paint looking pristine?

    My dealer has a black gen 3 that is coming in on a dealer order that I am considering taking since I don’t even have a vin for my December order. Anyways, I despise black not because of how it looks but keeping it clean. I am soooo particular with my vehicles it’s unhealthy. So will ceramic...
  4. jchap711

    2022 orange metallic for sale for 76k in SC
  5. jchap711


    Hey everyone. I’d love to hear what everyone is planning on doing to your gen 3 raptors
  6. jchap711

    Can an dealer change MSRP?

    Hey guys. First post here and first raptor. Ordered in December. My original build sheet didn’t have the moon roof included. The salesperson said it was included in the high trim package. Well under further investigation on my end that was false. I reached out she said she would have the manger...