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  1. Cotaco

    Sag with barely any weight..

    Denver to Breckenridge last weekend, had 3 passengers in the cab, 4 pairs of skis, a mountain bike and 4 duffels in the bed. Aluminum bed rack and rollup tonneau is 150 lbs too. I was flashed almost every time i passed a car because the back was sagging enough to blind oncoming traffic. I...
  2. Cotaco

    Gen 3 Tailgate Pad for MTB

    Ordered the below last fall in anticipation of the Raptor getting delivered. Finally got to test fit it after picking up truck last week and overarchingly it does not let my bike "rest" low enough on the tailgate. It makes it unstable and prone to falling into other bikes (portion the bike...
  3. Cotaco

    Issues from Factory

    With my time spent on this forum and around other social media, I seem to be noticing the trend of the QC not being great from the factory on all these trucks. Whether it be damage on arrival, loose wiring harnesses, cold start exhaust issues, tailpipes misaligned, etc.. Feel like i need some...
  4. Cotaco

    Absolute nightmare with my Raptor

    Literally had a nightmare (edit: dream) last night where my Gen3 Raptor (ordered 06.25, finally in production this week) was delivered and everything was perfect except for when I switched it into Baja mode and accelerated it sounded like a lawn mower :sad72: Posted here to announce myself as a...