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  1. RotorHead695

    Should I go two Baja fogs or 3?

    Only problem for people who want them for road use is that BD doesn't make SAE in the S2.
  2. RotorHead695

    Factory BFG’s 35 Load Range E

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs in 315/70R17. Join USAA bank and you can get Goodyears for 25% off. You don't need to be military to join the bank, only the insurance portion. My favorite tire, but may not be for everyone. They perform awesome in my environmental factors and look better, but...
  3. RotorHead695

    Factory BFG’s 35 Load Range E

    I run D rated tires. Great compromise between C's and E's for strength and ride quality. Lighter than the OEM C's too!
  4. RotorHead695

    Hard shifts between 3-4

    My 2018 was shifting really, really hard between 4-5 and 7-8, felt like I was being rear ended. So hard that I thought something was going to break using sport mode and I quit using it. Found a TSB that said some trucks have bad transmission programming and need a reflash. The reflash solved...
  5. RotorHead695

    RSI Smartcap - Review (2020 Raptor)

    Same...a bitch to open when they freeze, otherwise love it.
  6. RotorHead695

    Paying msrp gen3

    I had one on order for MSRP and $3k cash back from Ford. Let the order go after comparing it to my Gen 2 on the lot. Just couldn't do it. That said, it has different capabilities, just don't need them right now.
  7. RotorHead695

    Side views folding in at speed

    I fold mine in on a bridge while driving because it's so narrow. My worry isn't fitting myself, it's the oncoming traffic that tends to veer toward the centerline in their own fear.
  8. RotorHead695

    Back seat gets no AC. Normal?

    My 2018 is the same. The air is cold, but almost no flow.
  9. RotorHead695

    2018 Cam Phaser Fear

    You can still get a warranty, you'll just have to get it inspected to qualify for the ESP.
  10. RotorHead695

    deaver question

    I have Eibachs in the front and carry a static load of 400 lbs in the bed. The sag on the OEM springs was noticeable even before putting on the Eibachs. I have the Deaver +3HD and it now sits level. I wish I had gone with the +4 HDs to handle additional sag when trailer is attached or more...
  11. RotorHead695

    What tires are everyone running?

    I'm on my second set on the Raptor. Ran them on my two previous trucks too, they have never let me down.
  12. RotorHead695

    What tires are everyone running?

    Terrain, weather and your use case should be considered over looks in my opinion. Does weight matter? Road noise? Longevity? Wrangler Duratracs....the only tire I'll run in the PNW. Luckily you can also get 25% off by joining USAA bank. I would still choose this tire without a discount.
  13. RotorHead695

    Apple Car Play Integration

    It's why I'm still sitting in my Raptor. If Toyota ever got their shit together and produced a high end product, I'd jump ship in a heartbeat.
  14. RotorHead695

    Apple Car Play Integration

    At least you can drive in a Tundra. Ratio of repairs based on my experiences with Ford vs Toyota is 11:1. And that is only 3 years for Ford ownership as compared to 8 years of Toyota. I imagine that ratio will keep slipping.
  15. RotorHead695

    50k mi update: 2018 Raptor

    I didn't flame them publicly and didn't go off, but I filled up an entire page in a word document on my service experiences since I've owned the truck and gave them realistic ratings on every question in the survey. I will still be calling Ford CS.
  16. RotorHead695

    50k mi update: 2018 Raptor

    To be honest...the moon roof isn't even what I care about the most. It's things like being denied warranty on a broken seatbelt that they "repaired" 2 months ago during warranty. Then I have to argue with them to cover it. They didn't even put the interior panels back in place while I wait...
  17. RotorHead695

    50k mi update: 2018 Raptor

    Never had a moonroof on any previous vehicle that breaks because it's not used. My take on Toyotas is based on my experiences with owning them. I can only compare what I have experienced. Many flawless Toyotas and one **** of a Ford that constantly needs repairs. The fact that my local Ford...
  18. RotorHead695

    50k mi update: 2018 Raptor

    Having to fight with Ford to get a seatbelt fixed that they already have serviced once under warranty is making me consider Toyotas again regardless. I'm also having to fight with them about moonroof tracks....they say is a wear and tear item....and I've never opened it since the last repair...
  19. RotorHead695

    Purchase BD Amber SAE Lens?

    Just call BD. they have always been really helpful with my requests.
  20. RotorHead695

    50k mi update: 2018 Raptor

    I've serviced my 2018 every 5k miles and about to hit 70k total miles. I have had the following: Transmission re-flash at 13k miles for harsh shifting. Cam phaser replaced at 20k miles Moonroof rattles fixed Frozen door locks around 40k miles Drivers side seat heater element replaced around...
  21. RotorHead695

    Locking Gas Caps?

    Why bother? The tweaker that tried to steal my gas cut the filler hose above the tank. He was caught in the middle of it by the security at my work and we couldn't figure out what he had been doing. I only figured it out when I went to fill it up and gas started spilling all over the place...
  22. RotorHead695


    I haven't done a ton of high speed stuff, but it's held up to a couple runs with small jumps and around 2 years of normal driving. I haven't had to tighten the clamps nor has my seal failed. Does going full speed over speed bumps count? ;)
  23. RotorHead695

    Which compact 12v inflator for 37" tires?

    Love my Viair 400P. Will likely upgrade to this when I gen my Gen 3.
  24. RotorHead695

    Raptor > TRX offroad deep snow

    Duratracs are about the best "snow tire" while still keeping it in the off-road category. And airing down does wonders.
  25. RotorHead695

    Did I just get worked over on my extended warranty?

    I work in IT. Some electronics last decades, some fail out of the box, and the rest fail randomly somewhere in between. The only commonality among them is they are usually very expensive and hard to troubleshoot. I'd have a warranty solely for this. Not exactly vehicle related, but we bought...