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    2022 35inch OEM Beadlock Wheels for sale in NJ

    Hey everyone, I have 5 OEM beadlock capable wheels that were take offs from my 2022 Raptor which were taken off after about a 500 mile drive from picking up the truck. These are WHEELS ONLY and WITH TPMS sensors. Looking for $1200 for all 5 wheels with the sensors. Only the 4 main wheels have...
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    Bad Luck with my Gen 3

    I picked up my Gen 3 few weeks ago (great MSRP dealership so none of this am I blaming them). Drove home little over 400 miles from the dealer and noticed harsh shifts, wheel spin trying to get going from a stop,etc. once I got close to home. Eventually got system shift fault errors and it...
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    New Member - NJ

    Hey everyone! Been a long time reader and finally made an account (not sure why I didn't before). I'm in NJ and still a prospective Raptor owner as I stay on the hunt for a MSRP dealer for a 2022 since the sun has set on 2021. Never owned a pick up truck before but excited to one day (hopefully)...