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    Heat not working :(

    Sucks man, hopefully it gets resolved. Here in the south I’ve never turned the heater on any of my Vehicles.
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    You cant tow with a Raptor

    Nice trailer man, how many ft is that?
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    Stolen Ford Raptor

    Insurance companies are terrible most of the time, except when they need to collect from you. Good luck
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    2nd gen Upholstery issue

    Same here had to tighten the clips as well as I don’t like to hear anything in the cabin being loose.
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    2017 raptor problem

    Good to hear man, stay safe.
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    Lights Block Air Flow?

    Towing def. Will do that as far as lights it might be a factor but maybe a degree or two? There’s still air passsing through to circulate
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    Shifting into Drive

    Mine does this time and time again but not always. Weird.
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    Probably should have researched more before buying a 2019 Raptor

    I also was in a similar situation but never went through the phaser replacement since I decided to just enjoy the truck and not expect it to happen as I once was. Solid truck.
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    What is this sound!?!!!

    CF to me here as well
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    GEN 2 New Mickey Thompson Baja Boss ATs?

    I considered these as well before I went with nitto
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    P05B0 Active Air Shutter CEL after ADD bumper install

    Never had that with mine. I had a code for the intake sensor but it always a glitch I overrode with the cobb access
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    GEN 2 Raptor newbie looking at 2018 tomorrow - advice

    As others have mentioned other than regular maintenance, always good to verify the previous owner and how the truck was used.
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    Raptor is terrible!

    I’m coming from owning jeeps, nine to be exact. TJ,JK,JL and Gladiator. Dana 60s and many other mods. Right after spending 18K on axles and 38K miles later, it decided to not shift out of “P” and had to tow it to the dealer. It was there for almost two months and they could not fix the issue...
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    wheels and tires

    I’ve ran ridge grapplers on different applications and sizes from 35s to 40s on my Jeep (Trail Grapplers) Never had an issue with them.
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    wheels and tires

    17s and Ridge Grapplers here
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    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Finally my Nittos arrived today.
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    Balancing Amber vs. White

    Diode Dynamics for me as well
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    New sticky please GEN2 owners pics

    Thankyou for the kind words, added the ADD bumper 2 days ago. Kinda liked the stock better.
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    Issue getting BD squadron sport working

    I just installed some 3 Inch cubes and the #1 switch was not working, after reading and watching many videos, I switched to #2 and On they went… turns out the #1 switch has no powa
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    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Did the Icon collars set at 1.25