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    Guys..what is this panel under the middle tray for? (pic attached)

    I hope you realize that virtually every car with an automatic transmission has this. It's called a shift lock override, and has been on cars for decades. I also hope you realize that you can shift any car with a manual transmission into neutral even easier than this - and, somehow, people...
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    SOLD: Cobb Accessport V3 with TCM

    I assume it's been properly unmarried from your truck, correct?
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    Best Dealer in/near Charlotte NC Pricewise

    A bit better than their advertised price. Not a ton of wiggle room left on them, since they already advertise a pretty killer deal.
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    Best Dealer in/near Charlotte NC Pricewise

    I second this. Tindol is fantastic, and requires zero negotiation to get below invoice. Every interaction I’ve had with them has been top-notch. A bit slow to get into finance from my experience (3 cars in with them now), but their customer service more than makes up for it. A fantastic group of...