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    How many more yrs do we have of the Ford Raptor?

    Hello! Sure, happy to. Other than environmental reasons, is the cost to operate it long-term. The price of gas/oil is only going to continue rise as we move into the future. Everyone is (understandably) freaking out right now about gas prices, but politics aside, the general trend will be...
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    How many more yrs do we have of the Ford Raptor?

    I, for one, cannot wait for a full EV Raptor. I love my Gen 2 but I'd trade it in a heartbeat for a Lightning Raptor!
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    Prediction: Raptor R ends up casualty of Ukraine/Russia war…

    Just to help everyone be more informed, the President does not control setting oil production levels. The oil companies set their own production levels on their own. The President has no control over the production levels whatsoever.
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    TheOnePercent Checking In From HTX

    I really dig the vent light mod you did. Where did you get it, or could you post a link?
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    Issues with running Raptor through a Car Wash?

    I go to Tommy's Express (it's a multi-state chain) near me and they advertise they accommodate dualies, which means I'll fit just fine. However most of the other washes around here (Minnesota) won't accommodate me due to width, so it's best to check. Living in Minnesota, it's a must to wash...