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  1. ninjazed

    Fuse 27 and 2010 Raptor

    I’m a lazy SOB too. Got the fuse 27 kit years ago but still haven’t installed it. I put in a new Odyssey battery last month and still kicked the can down the road. God bless the poster who says it’s an easy fix. I’ve seen the video. To do it right is a tedious process with the clipping of...
  2. ninjazed

    Looking at Gen 1

    Wasn’t 2013 the introduction of the Torsen differential also? The only difference i was able to identify between my 13 and the 14’s was the addition of a console vanity light in the latter.
  3. ninjazed

    Gen 1 driver seat heater

    Dag, I just read Ben’s repair post and I pray to God my seat heaters don’t ever fail.
  4. ninjazed

    Tire rotation questions

    I too have had difficulty getting Mavis to rotate my tires per the manual. The manager even told me it was a “old fashioned way to rotate tires on a modern vehicle”. It is a bit of an unorthodox way to rotate so I showed him the manual and they charged $10 extra. Get this, they would have done...
  5. ninjazed

    Stupid Ford BMS !

    I got a new Odyssey battery for my truck and wanted to do things right. So I download Forscan and get the USB adapter, download and install the drivers before firing up the program to make sure it works. It does. Big day comes and I install the battery with no problems but when I fire up Forscan...
  6. ninjazed

    Is fuse 27 swap really necessary?

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I heard enough of you reporting high mileage failures so the “preventive maintenance” part of me is over ruling the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” part of me. I just wish we knew why some of these fail so soon and others last a long time before failure. I’m...
  7. ninjazed

    Is fuse 27 swap really necessary?

    Before you all start responding, “just do it!”, please hear me out. I’ve had my truck for over 6 years now. I have known about the much reported fuse 27 issue for quite a while and even got the Ford kit but always managed to kick this can down the road. I closely monitor the status of this fuse...
  8. ninjazed

    New Brakes

    I can also confirm this to be an excellent choice.
  9. ninjazed

    R1 Concepts BBK 2018 Raptor

    I put R1 Concepts rotors and pads on mine back in July of 2018. They were awesome as soon as I put them on and continue to be awesome. I went with solid rotors. Also, the coating they put on them really inhibits corrosion.
  10. ninjazed

    GEN 1 Idle Speed Wobble/Rough Shift 1st to 2nd

    I’m hearing from some of you out there who have not had the transmission recall service performed that slow speed hard shifts are present with you as well. This makes me feel better about having the service done if it’s a universal symptom. I’m not sure that it even indicates anything is wrong...
  11. ninjazed

    GEN 1 Idle Speed Wobble/Rough Shift 1st to 2nd

    Funny you should mention this. My 2013 was recently serviced for the “possible transmission downshift” recall and now I seem to notice this low speed hard shift from 1st to 2nd more than I ever have. I almost disregarded the recall initially because the thing operated beautifully and I’m a firm...
  12. ninjazed

    Battery swap / fuse 27 project questions

    Thanks for all the input. I think I've decided on a Odyssey battery since the Autozone down the street sells them in case something awful happens and I need to return it. I may also disregard using the 9-volt power supply and just take the chance on having to reprogram some stuff. I just don't...
  13. ninjazed

    Battery swap / fuse 27 project questions

    Greetings everyone. I’m not a frequent poster on these forums but I check in regularly recognizing the collective knowledge of fellow raptor owners. So here’s the situation that I’m hoping to get opinions on. After 5 1/2 years of totally enjoying my truck I’m getting ready to replace the battery...
  14. ninjazed

    How Long Can/Will Your Gen1 Last?

    My last new truck was a 1990 GMC 1500 4x4 that I kept until getting the Raptor in 2014. This quite honestly could be the last truck I own. If they stay dependable I keep my vehicles a long time and the Gen 1 will always be king in my book! A monumental achievement by Ford that really made a...
  15. ninjazed

    GEN 1 Speed Bleeders install/1-man brake bleeding

    These things are awesome and work as advertised. They make bleeding brakes easy and efficient.
  16. ninjazed

    new Rotors and pads R1's vs Stage3

    Old *** thread here but I changed my brake pads and rotors last month. Lots of good info has already been posted on this subject but after about a month of use I thought that a report of my personal experience would be in order. Lots of good parts are available out there but I opted for the R1...
  17. ninjazed

    Option regrets... Anyone have them?

    I felt the same way until I saw my truck on the dealers lot almost 4 years ago. It had all the options I wanted including color. It also had the hood graphic (which I initially did not want) but thankfully not the bed graphic. It looked badass from day one and it still looks like brand new...
  18. ninjazed

    New Owner in NJ

    Welcome from Atlantic County where we have more home foreclosures than anywhere else in the country. That's right, we're fucking special. Nice color too. I love my Gen 1 but these Gen 2's are growing on me I think.
  19. ninjazed

    GEN 1 Text to screen issues

    This feature is now working! Here's an update for anyone who is interested in this topic. Thanks for everyone's input. I wasn't looking forward to doing a master reset because I am basically a lazy bastard and didn't want to reload custom graphics that I have on the MFT screen. So I opted...
  20. ninjazed

    GEN 1 Text to screen issues

    Because when you're driving down the road and somebody shoots you a text, it's easier (and safer) to just glance at the screen to see what the message is. Answering while driving would be unsafe and stupid. MyFord Touch won't allow text responses even when it is working properly. I hope this...
  21. ninjazed

    GEN 1 Text to screen issues

    No big deal really but slightly annoying. When I first purchased my Raptor I could view text messages that were sent to me on the main dashboard screen. Now I can't no matter how many settings I adjust even though this is the same iPhone I've had for years. I keep getting "your phone is not...
  22. ninjazed

    Requesting White Raptor Pics!

    My Raptor sees dead people!
  23. ninjazed

    Black Hood decal and side decal cleaning

    After a good wash, I used Adams Super VRT dressing on my hood decal. It goes on easy, doesn't leave a greasy residue and it also has SPF 35 in it to combat long term exposure to the suns rays. My truck is only a year old but the decal still looks great. (So does the whole truck!)
  24. ninjazed

    Are these supposed to look like this?

    I've got the same amount of minimal seepage from both shocks in the same place as the OP. I'm gonna venture this is normal since every Raptor I've ever seen up close looks the same under the shock reservoir.