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  1. 1Chino

    GEN 2 Behind grill lighting

    I ended up just modifying some washers on both sides of the plastic shroud, it’s fairly thick. I don’t go as hard as zombiekiller but I have gone over some whoops and small jumps a good number of times with the lights installed and they haven’t moved
  2. 1Chino

    Olsen Gen 2 And Gen 3 Raptor Build Thread

    Drove past you the other day at Belmont and Maple. Your truck looks real good
  3. 1Chino

    Sway Bar End Links (aftermarket?)

    I think it’s GJ Motorsports making quick disconnect sway bar links. I think pre order only right now
  4. 1Chino

    Set of 4 - 37X12.5X17 BFGs and Methods mounted/balanced

    Are these 00 offset?
  5. 1Chino

    GEN 2 Behind grill lighting

    Got them installed behind the grill today, pretty happy with how it turned out
  6. 1Chino

    GEN 2 Behind grill lighting

    Exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks. Did you mount directly to the plastic radiator shroud or did you add any reinforcement?
  7. 1Chino

    GEN 2 Behind grill lighting

    I have the SVC smurf front bumper without a light hoop[emoji19](when I ordered I had a different idea of front lighting). I have some lights laying around from a fog pocket kit and plan on mounting them inside the grill. Plan is amber S2’s in the upper corners and squadrons in the lower corners...
  8. 1Chino

    A warning for dog owners

    I have a 200 pound mastiff and use a ramp I got from weather tech. He’s too lazy to climb in himself and too heavy to hop out ( really bad for their joints especially if they are young and still growing) I don’t know how to attach a link off my phone but it’s on weathertechs site in pet...
  9. 1Chino

    MO / IL etc meet-up

    Thanks for the info. Looks like some things on the mod list just moved up
  10. 1Chino

    MO / IL etc meet-up

    Do you know of any requirements like chase lights or VHF radio?
  11. 1Chino

    GEN 2 KHC Gen2 rear dove tail bumper install.

    Yeah thanks! Hopefully I’ll be doing mine this weekend
  12. 1Chino

    New member

    Hi, I picked up my 2018 ruby red 802a raptor 11/19. I’ve been reading this forum since and finally decided to join. The truck came with a borla S-type exhaust, an AFE intake, and some Baja design lights. I have since added deaver +3, SVC bumps, SVC C.A.S, SVC intercooler, SVC smurf front...