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  1. Bigdog44SVT

    Warning about rear window defrosters!!

    If I recall it was about 35 out. Not below freezing. This is my second window. Don't see how it's not a problem if so many seeing this. Don't get the turn off defroster tip. So in other words I now have a 1950s window that will just be fogged up? Mine was covered under my factory warranty. I...
  2. Bigdog44SVT

    Warning about rear window defrosters!!

    So I too recently had my back window shatter on a cool morning. Thankfully I called my local dealer and was told to bring it in. They acknowledged it was a known issue and within a few hours they had it replaced. So that's my 2nd rear window. I'm at dealer today for my 5th license plate...
  3. Bigdog44SVT

    opinions pls - extended factory warranty?

    Yep This^^ Did the same for my Raptor and a Mustang GT as well from Lombard. Great price and if you sell vehicle you get prorated portion of warranty back.
  4. Bigdog44SVT

    How To DIY Painted Edges on Taillights

    This is one of the easiest and least expensive mods that makes a huge difference in the trucks appearance. No idea why FORD wouldn't just do this out of the factory. Quality is always in the details.
  5. Bigdog44SVT

    Post Pics of your Tuxedo Raptor

    Recent shot. Love when it cleans up.
  6. Bigdog44SVT

    How To DIY Painted Edges on Taillights

    Here is a better shot. Sorry
  7. Bigdog44SVT

    How To DIY Painted Edges on Taillights

    So I decided to give this a run. Bought some Ford Tuxedo black off of Amazon and a few paint brushes. A couple hours later and boom! Love it. This is a huge upgrade in looks. Glad you guys posted this's
  8. Bigdog44SVT

    WTB Any color/year Raptor

    There are a lot of them for sale on auto trader. What amazes me is the frickn price of many of them. 60-80k. Many with 20k+ Miles and many with nothing special. Good luck on your search. They are awesome trucks.
  9. Bigdog44SVT

    Third brake light

    Yep, I have a 13 Screw with 7500 miles and had this same problem about 6-8 months ago. Light filled up an inch or so with water. I left message for Crystal on here and within days I had an appointment at a dealership. The dealer gave me white glove treatment and not only replaced the light but...
  10. Bigdog44SVT

    You have a fantastic looking Raptor. I love the stuff you have done. Where did you get the side...

    You have a fantastic looking Raptor. I love the stuff you have done. Where did you get the side vents and hood vents done? I love the hydro dipped look.
  11. Bigdog44SVT

    New from Columbus, Ohio

    Welcome. I agree on both counts. Worth the upgrade for both. Look forward to seeing what you find. SVC has some good stuff going on around tuning. Worth a look. I am almost at that point as well. Just installed Rigids in the corners and now working to put in a 20" in lower bumper. Options are a...
  12. Bigdog44SVT

    The Tune by SVC

    Well I've read all 49 pages and got through 2 versions of tunes. I have been very nervous to tinker with what Ford put together but I can honestly say I'm really contemplating a tune. My fear was messing something up but it sounds like I just plug this thing in and wait. Then enjoy! I have a...
  13. Bigdog44SVT

    Project Orange Crush Raptor - Interior Build

    What a great thread. That interior work is amazingly cool. Well done!! I look forward to seeing this installed in the Orange Crush Raptor. Thanks for sharing guys.
  14. Bigdog44SVT

    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Visors look great. What do you think of the Blakvue? Been thinking about the same one for months. The way people are driving it would be smart to have. Let me know your thoughts.
  15. Bigdog44SVT

    My Raptor!

    Sharp looking truck. Like the punctuation with the red. Gets attention.
  16. Bigdog44SVT

    Show off your latest pics

    A recent pics! 1 year anniversary.
  17. Bigdog44SVT

    New Raptor

    That's some amazing, speedy service. Welcome and enjoy. What part of the country you in? Maybe they get special treatment there. Ha
  18. Bigdog44SVT

    Option regrets... Anyone have them?

    So when I got my truck I opted for all options except no graphics. I regretted nothing at all about my choices. I love the truck, the beadlocks, the blue trim interior, everything. It is now one year later and I feel the same. I would do nothing differently. The tailgate step is awesome...
  19. Bigdog44SVT

    Lets see your rear window decals

    Just two small stickers. Borla on the right and FRF on the left.
  20. Bigdog44SVT

    Leather seats crease

    The key here that everyone is hitting on is clean seats often and then condition them with good conditioner. Keeps them soft and UV protected. For a good leather cleaning video go to You Tube and search for NY Ammo. How to clean leather. Drive channel. Informative for sure.
  21. Bigdog44SVT

    Tell us what product you'd like to try FOR FREE!

    Did the winners ever get announced on Friday?
  22. Bigdog44SVT

    Tell us what product you'd like to try FOR FREE!

    So I'm a big fan of another product for brining out the gloss in my black Raptor. I'm more than willing to test that loyalty and share what I find here. I'm honestly very interested in trying your Black Edge detailer. Thanks for giving me a chance to shift my loyalty. Let's make it a...
  23. Bigdog44SVT

    Lift required for catback install?

    I parked the truck on a hill next to my drive. Gave me an additional foot or more under the main area of the truck. Dropped old exhaust and installed the catbacks. Easy. No tire drop, nothing.
  24. Bigdog44SVT

    One and ONLY gas mileage thread please

    I feed my truck a Prius or two everyday. That seems to help me go further. Must be the batteries! Ha. This truck will not use gas only when in the off position.

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