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  1. E Daddy Dog

    Beauty bolts corrosion

    Was wondering if anyone has had an issue with the beauty bolts finish on the beadlock capable wheels. Appears corroded or stained. Tried an all purpose cleaner and WD40. No change. Anybody got any tricks up their sleeves that may work? Eyesore for me but others may not notice.
  2. E Daddy Dog

    Northern Virginia Raptor

    NOVA here also. Not much for off-road so any locations appreciated. I mostly trespass in large construction zones and throw it into Baja to get the fun stuff out of the truck. . Looking into goosetuning the 2020, let us know how it works out!
  3. E Daddy Dog

    Mpg drop with magnum force AFE CAI installed.

    CAI sounds awesome. Love it. Yes I did install the white tubing into my turbo inlet pipe pipe on drivers side otherwise it would throw codes. No changes. Tire pressure same, same gas, same station. Run 93 at all times. Fuelly is reliable. Just doesn’t make sense.
  4. E Daddy Dog

    Mpg drop with magnum force AFE CAI installed.

    So to the date of July 24 I installed this CAI and really do like it. Feels like it breathes better. Not a closed system like I thought but it’s good. Although it is a nice addition it seems to have affected fuel efficiency. Now it may just be a situation where more air=more gas so idk. My...
  5. E Daddy Dog

    Towing a large boat with the gen 3

    I got the horse before the carriage, so we were limited. If I’d known better would have gotten something built for towing, but I couldn’t get rid of the raptor.
  6. E Daddy Dog

    Suspension when hauling.

    Have a 6000lb unloaded camper that the family and I weekend warrior it up in summertime. Now I have never had any issues with the suspension except it squats. Never had any terrible sway at highway speed and stopping and going power is good. Have had the camper 3 years and love the trips. I am...
  7. E Daddy Dog

    Towing a large boat with the gen 3

    Tow a dry 6000 lb camper around in summer as a weekend warrior. Take about 6-8 decent trips a year. One from northern VA to Disney Fl! Does a good job, squishy suspension/springs but holds up well. Yanks the camper around just fine. Never feels bogged down. Got the horse before the carriage so...
  8. E Daddy Dog

    Gen2 fog light recommendations for clean fit and finish

    The rigid radiance setup I got from SPV was easy to install and I think it looks great. Brackets were versatile and allowed for plenty of positioning. The radiance scene is bright as hell. I’m happy with the look.
  9. E Daddy Dog

    GEN 2 AFE Magnum Force Stage 2 CAI questions.

    Just got one ordered, love the looks of it, got a black powder coated type, and have a few questions. I own a 2020 completely stock. Only a catch can. On a trip told my fiancé the truck was running warm so I could splurge for the intake. . If anyone has any experience with this intake I...
  10. E Daddy Dog

    Velocity Blue or Performance Blue

    Velocity Blue every time. Saw both in person. PB had the high trim package. Really liked how the handles and mirrors cut up the blue on this one. PB is much lighter in person than the VB. This one is the VB I bought with the mid package and a lot of add ons. That’s why the black door handles...
  11. E Daddy Dog

    Look at it!

    Not yet, but will do.
  12. E Daddy Dog

    Hello all!

  13. E Daddy Dog

    Transmission issues

    Have had my 2020 since December’20. All stock about 25000 on the odometer. From day 1 rough shifts between 2-3 and 4-5. Downshifts are abysmal in lower gears especially 2-1. Even has a clunking noise and jerks a little. Have brought it up every time taken in for service. Reset tables the whole...
  14. E Daddy Dog

    Look at it!

    Rigid radiance. Enough said!
  15. E Daddy Dog

    Hello all!

    I’ve enjoyed this site for quite a while since acquiring my 2020 raptor. A lot of good info here and want to thank all for the great advice! Keep it in Baja!