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  1. MarkOne

    FS(SoCal): FP Spark Plugs and SPD 180 TStat

    I’ll take them both. What’s your PayPal?
  2. MarkOne

    FS: 2019 OEM Beadlock wheels + tires

    What’s the date on the tires?
  3. MarkOne

    Newbie Gen 2 owner

    I have my eye on a couple on here :waytogo: I'm definitely not against buying out for state :waytogo: lmao, nope that thing is long gone.
  4. MarkOne

    Newbie Gen 2 owner

    Lol, I’ve seen my fair share of surface rust but this one was pretty bad. I wish I would’ve took some pics before I turned it back it. But not to worry, there’s a few Gen 2’s with low miles that popped up for sale recently so I’ll be checking those out soon. And yes, I’ll definitely be looking...
  5. MarkOne

    2019 Grey scab

    Where in the west coast are you?
  6. MarkOne

    Newbie Gen 2 owner

    Thanks for all the welcome guys! Quick update: Unfortunately I had to return the truck back to the dealership I bought it from and get my money back. When I brought it to a Ford dealership for an oil change, they pointed out A LOT of rust on the chassis, front suspension, and rear axel/diff. I...
  7. MarkOne

    Newbie Gen 2 owner

    Hey guys (and gals), just wanted to introduce myself. Been lurking on the forums for about a year, but now it’s official. I picked up a 17’ w/ 35.5k miles a week ago and loving every minute behind the wheel. I should’ve went for a Gen 2 Raptor from jump but instead bought my 20’ Tacoma Off-road...