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  1. Pismobound

    CA registering out of state new vehicle

    Like others have said before, the big thing is you will have to pay California sales tax from your county that is in excess of the tax you paid in the state where you bought it. Raporzz broke it down perfectly earlier in this thread.
  2. Pismobound

    35 vs 37 Fuel economy different?

    Gen 3, 37’s, trip 2 has 4100 miles on it at 14.9 mpg. This includes three trips between 300 and 400 miles but the rest was around town and light freeway driving. When I hit the freeway for a trip and the tank is full, I can get 16.5 mpg or so. Once I go north of 75, mileage begins to drop.
  3. Pismobound

    ESP Warranty with rental

    Don’t let them touch it for maintenance. I do my own. Warrantee work gets me a rental.
  4. Pismobound

    ESP Warranty with rental

    Yes, through the service advisor at the dealership. I also have the first day rental. Every time I’ve taken my truck in for service, they reserve me a car through Enterprise rental located down the street.
  5. Pismobound

    Tire advise please

    Yeah, 1911’s will always get a pass. Sig Sauer is my choice. I own several. I just never shot well with Glocks. Not sure why. Not a bad pistol, just not my choice.
  6. Pismobound

    Documentation for DIY Oil Change

    Put it all in Notes on my phone-I take photos of all the items with receipts and write a detailed description of all maintenance performed.
  7. Pismobound

    OEM fog lights and adjustment, much better now

    They just raise and lower the beam. There is no provision to adjust the stock Rigids left/right.
  8. Pismobound

    Lets be real… Raptors aka fords are pieces of shit

    That happened to my moonroof after I performed the required maintenance on it. I accidentally pulled it free from the track. Just push it back on. Look at the opposite side for reference. Took about 30 seconds to fix and haven’t had any problems with it since.
  9. Pismobound

    Octane Poll

    Here in Southern California, I’ve only been able to get 91.
  10. Pismobound

    Dysfunctional Oil Filter Drip Catcher

    I also remove both skid plates. A bit of a pain in the a$$ but like SurfRaptor, it gives me a chance to check the underside of the engine and transmission.
  11. Pismobound

    Calling all 1yr Gen 3 owners, how many miles have you put on in a year.

    Picked her up May 11, 2022. As of today she’s at 15842. A few minor issues that were taken care of by the dealer. Love driving this truck!
  12. Pismobound

    Factory aux lights

    Go under the front and re-aim them. Mine were pointed down to about four feet in front of the truck. Also, do the same with the other pair of lights. They were also aimed at the ground. They won’t be the brightest lights, but they will be much better.
  13. Pismobound

    Anyone gonna add the bulletproff doors?

    They add a lot of weight to the doors. As it is, I can barely keep the truck’s doors open on a hill. Agree with the others that windows would have to be upgraded to ballistic protection. If you could get the assailant close enough though, you could take them out by closing the door on them...
  14. Pismobound

    Software Update for Full Screen CarPlay

    Our family has definitely drank from the Apple pool. Or was it peed in the Apple pool. I forget.
  15. Pismobound

    Software Update for Full Screen CarPlay

    I recently got my update but how do they occur? I know it’s cellular and not over the internet but is it sent out over a certain region? Where all F150’s in a specific area get the update. I can’t wrap my head around how it seems so random on who gets it and who doesn’t.
  16. Pismobound

    New delivery, no walk through

    Check the sticky thread in this forum for “Things to check after taking delivery.” TONS of great information to check on your new truck. I went through the list at the dealer while my wife took care of all the paperwork. After going through the list, go out and enjoy your truck. They are...
  17. Pismobound

    Windshield wiper (recall)

    No letter from Ford and nothing on the Ford Pass app. Saw someone with an April 2022 build date had the recall so I ran my VIN through NHTSA. The wiper motor recall came up with the flashing running light recall. Although I haven’t had any issues with either problem it says no fix for the...
  18. Pismobound

    Last Floor Jack Post

    The other thing to think about with the CAT is that it is HEAVY, 90 pounds. The Eagle 3T is 60 pounds. The 2T is 52 pounds, per their website. That’s a big difference. Maybe not so bad for the garage but lugging that thing in and out of the bed would be a pain in the a$$.
  19. Pismobound

    Ford Premium Care Extended Service Plan

    When we bought our Raptor, the dealership tried telling us the Flood Ford ESP was a third party warrantee. I told them they were full of sh@t. Ordered 8 year, 150K, $50 deductible, all the bells and whistles warrantee from Flood the next day and haven’t looked back since. Easy transaction and...
  20. Pismobound

    Exhaust Mode Selection Unavailable

    Exact same thing happened on my 2022. I checked fuses and disconnected the battery for 30 minutes. No luck. Took to Ford and they replaced the exhaust valves under warranty. Haven’t had any issues since. Hope this helps.
  21. Pismobound

    Exhaust Mode Selection Unavailable

    Hi OP, Did you ever get this issue resolved? I’ve had my truck approximately one month and the same issue recently cropped up.
  22. Pismobound

    22MY F-150 Job #1 Balance Out on Jan 27th

    Wondered if there was any further on what changes were scheduled for Job 2?

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