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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Oh. Should've ordered it up! If CARB approval is pending, and the identical 21-23 has it, it will be approved.
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Would they not ship to CA without official CARB approval?
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    @RaptorFun This right here. I have a 23 so no tune available for me. :(
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Not really inside the truck, but I do here more intake noise and turbo whistle outside.
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Installed a Cobb intake for some underhood visual improvements along with red TUFSKINS Raptor hood inserts.
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    This wouldn't affect anything for CA smog. You're not touching the cats, and they don't use the sniffer any more; just plug into the computer. Side note, CARB can suck it. Love living here but hate every part of the CA government.
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    Official Gen 3 COBB Tuning Thread - Accessport, Intake Bracket, etc

    As an Explorer ST owner who hasn't tuned his car yet, I'm excited to see Goosetuned jump into the platform and duke it out with ZFG. ZFG is the current king for ExST tuning, and most know Goose does amazing work. With that said, ZFG has posted a few 23 F150s, including a Raptor, he tuned. The...
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    SPD Performance Down Pipes Gen 3 Raptor now available!

    There are several times I've had to ship parts to my buddy in AZ then have him send to me here.
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Haha yes, I took the skid plate off again to add some rubber grommets to hold the fans in place better and saw the open nipple on the turbo inlet pipe. Must have been a Friday truck, forgetting parts! I'll grab a cap for it.
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Installed a CVFab Titan V2 intercooler and Turbosmart BOV. Both super high quality pieces. Easy install, no issues. Just don't be an r-**** like me and forget there is a spacer bar under the rear bolts of the skidplate! That wasn't pleasant when it fell. Also, this might be a dumb question as...
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    Raptor Allocations Tied to Electric Vehicle Sales

    Oh yes, as Cali residents we're both stuck with that ****. The only positive thing I'll say is that Newsom isn't stupid. He's just following the leftist agenda to further his political career. That's why this 2030-or-whenever CA EV mandate will disappear and never be mentioned again when the...
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    Raptor Allocations Tied to Electric Vehicle Sales

    If this is true then I'm glad I got my 23. I see a decent amount of Mach Es in my area but not enough to say they are selling well. And those are coming from my local dealer. The dealer I actually got my truck from in Chino Hills, I doubt they sell any EVs. I hope the manufacturers push back...
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    RAM 1500 TRX dead after MY2024

    I was saying this. The main selling point of the TRX was the motor. Then with the Raptor R having a better motor, the main selling point is the V8 + lower price. Now I'm sure they'll lower the price a little bit, but even then the Raptor is still better at truck stuff and the TRX doesn't have...
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    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    While they aren't on my Raptor, I have RTR Tech 5 wheels on my Explorer ST. Great wheel, great price, high quality, and dropped over 10lbs per corner even going 1.5" wider.
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    looking for 24 raptor at msrp in california

    Did you check Chino Hills? It won't be at MSRP, I paid $5k over (yes yes yes I'm contributing to the problem, I know). But they were great to work with and will only place an order if they have an allocation. No shenanigans like some other dealers.
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    Husky Rear Wheel Liner

    Did this install a few weeks ago. About as easy as it gets, 20 minutes total for both sides. Most flare screws were really easy, only the lowest ones needed a lo-pro socket. Slid into place easy, loosely installed to 2 screws into the frame area, got the outer lip lined up under the flare and...
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    Show me your AMB!

    Love this color. Was hoping to get Atlas Blue to be twinsies with my Explorer ST, but now I'm glad I was forced into AMB.
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    Ford Performance - Tune for the HO ecoboost

    I'm not bashing having a warrantied option. I am bashing the FP tune because their previous tunes for other cars have been crap. Sure, they have a warranty but they only add a small amount of power that will be barely noticeable on this truck and do nothing else to improve drivability. And...
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    Ford Performance - Tune for the HO ecoboost

    You're 100% right. And I, like most here, don't want to grenade the motor and have a dealer laugh at us when we ask for warranty coverage. However, we have data to look back on. We're 3 years into Goose having tunes for the Gen 3 and I have yet to see popping motors and warranties being...
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    Ford Performance - Tune for the HO ecoboost

    If this is anything like the FP Explorer ST tune, it's worthless. Has a 3yr powertrain warranty? Ooooo fan-diddily-tastic. How many people are having engine problems with Goosetuned? Zero? The FP tune on the Explorer ST adds around 20hp and updates the transmission to the latest crappy...
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    Approaching 24 month wait on a GEN3 Order...

    Yes. I ordered the 37PP because I was concerned I might be able to feel the curbs at the Starbucks drive-thru a little too much with the 35s. This technically happened to me; dealer took my order as a later 22 and said it would be built, but they got excited when they saw "Raptor" and ignored...
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    VMP Supercharger Upgrades

    Hi all, I don't have an R but saw this on SVTPerf forums and thought it was appropriate. As I expected, the VMP parts for the GT500 fit the Raptor R just fine. Y'all just have to wait a bit until tuning is available to see more peak power. But you'll see more power under the curve...
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    My 2023 RaptorR order

    @1966 F100 Raptor that Cyclone is gorgeous! Nice find, one that complete. I know all the special trim and badges for the Mercs are basically unobtanium. Maybe if you had as much time as your stalker to follow you here, SVTPerf, and wherever else, you'd be able to finish up all those truck...

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