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    Yes. It was the oil pan/seal. This was a common problem. New oil pan, bolts and seal replaced! The seal is an RTV seal, not an actual seal.
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    Hello. I'm looking to sell my 2018 SCREW with 83,3XX miles. It has a S&B cold air intake, I have a SCT tuner with three tunes, Three Cube fog lights (1 yellow and 2 white), a proclip phone holder and a valetine 1 radar hard wired that will all be included for the asking price. I'm asking...
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    Icon Leveling Spacers

    Purchased here on the forum and found RPGs. ICON Leveling spacers (Plate not included) $150 plus shipping (OPEN TO OFFERS)
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    Oil leak

    thanks for the advice. Looks like the support brace needs to be removed and oil pan dropped straight down. Anyone have a write up on how to do this job?
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    Oil leak

    Three bolts are wet. Just the rear driver side corner. Is that a common area for the failure?
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    Cam Phaser Actuator Oil Leak

    Any pictures of this area. Thanks!
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    Oil leak

    Here are some pictures. Any help would greatly be appreciated!!!
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    Prospective Owner

    There are a few really nice lightly used raptors for sale here. For example a 2023 with 2,100 miles for $89k
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    2019 Raptor ADV Widebody on 37s

    Great looking truck!!
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    2023 Black Raptor 2700 miles w/$18000 in upgrades, asking $89,500

    Yeah. I sold a ‘14 vette to a guy in Ohio. I got a certified letter asking me to come firm the purchase price.
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    GEN3 Ford Raptor R Owner Pics!

    These R’s have me dreaming!!! They look amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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    Bed Liner Renew

    Thanks for sharing. My steps are in need!
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    Regret getting Supercab over Supercrew?

    How do you pick which one to drive?
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    Non wastegate/phaser rattle

    That maybe my issue. Thanks is for sharing
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    The end of the road for my 2018 Raptor :(

    Great to hear you and your family and horses are safe! Great driving had a lot to do with the result! Best of luck finding a new Raptor!
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    Til’ You Can’t..

    You share the best photos! I'm curious what you dogs think! Let me know if you would like some sample treats, as I work for a petfood company.
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    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Yes. Stock leafs. Also, when I hooked up my bass tracker, it still looked level.
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    GEN 2 Tesla Style Android Radios - 14.5 inch Screens, Octacore, QHD and FHD and 128GB

    Are there any deals on the AutoTecPro? On the website, looks like $1,077.60.
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    Regret getting Supercab over Supercrew?

    Congrats on the Raptor. The supercrews are nice. When the kids get bigger, trade it in on a supercrew!

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