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  1. peavey02

    2020 fox live valve solenoid buzzing help

    Is it a constant buzzing while the truck is powered on? Part numbers for the rear solenoid KL3Z18B084D. You carefully unscrew the black cap. You will need to hold the solenoid to keep it from spinning on its self. I've unplugged mine with the truck off. You will need to undo the black clips...
  2. peavey02

    FOX 3.0 Factory Series IN STOCK! 25% off!

    Just ordered the 3.0 Live Valve Shocks. Best price I've seen on those. Thank you!
  3. peavey02

    Intercooler fans not coming on

    You cant really hear those fans kick on, unless they are broke or covered in mud. (like mine) The fans aren't going to lower your manifold charge temp but they will lower the IAT. Mine kick on at 130 and only run for about 10 seconds, even shorter once you start driving. Make sure the...
  4. peavey02

    Ford Performance Catch Can

    I let my Freind with zero mechanical knowledge install mine. Haha
  5. peavey02

    Ford Performance Catch Can

    Cool stuff. I ordered mine this morning and they are on back order.
  6. peavey02

    Ford Performance Catch Can

    Sawwwww that response coming from a mile away. haha. I'll let you know how it goes whenever it gets here.
  7. peavey02

    Ford Performance Catch Can

    I was looking over the installation instructions and saw the note. NOTE: For Raptor applications, creating clearance for the PCV tubes in the bottom side of the foam engine appearance cover may be necessary I'm guessing they are saying that you need to trim the bottom of the foam to ensure it...
  8. peavey02

    GEN 2 CVF Titan v2 IC install and AGS

    I have the wagner IC and I haven't had any shutters in for over three years now. I haven't had any issues. Yes, you have to remove the grill to get to the shutters. If you want to remove the IC shutters, I just pulled the plastic bumper off the front. Removing the front grill is pretty...
  9. peavey02

    GEN 2 Dealerships are useless anymore

    Where is this dealership located?
  10. peavey02

    Tips on cleaning exhaust tips?

    I just don't clean mine. haha
  11. peavey02

    Ringing coming from driver side dash

    The sound reminds me of a fan in a computer or router rubbing inside its case. Did you have the fans blowing air? Does the sound go away if the fans are turned all the way up? On heat or A/C. Have you pushed down on all the door panels, vent covers, dash board, and A pillar while driving...
  12. peavey02

    WOT Boost Loss + Loud Noises

    Remove the BOV and clean it. Take it completely apart and check the solenoid, it may have a bunch of rust on it which will cause it to not blow off. (or work at all) I had to get a replacement solenoid from TS. But once the valve got covered in mud one two many times, it would leak every...
  13. peavey02

    Pro Eagle Bed Mounting

    Not at all. Just remove the bolts slowly and ensure you have the TP50. If you have a spray in bed liner use a razor blade and flat head screw driver to remove it from the top of the bolt. When you install the bolts just get them going with your fingers and then slowly tighten them down.
  14. peavey02

    Pro Eagle Bed Mounting

    They are pretty easy to remove. I've had mine out more than once and I've replaced them more than once. You just have to make sure you have a Torx Plus 50 (TP50). It will make it a lot easier.
  15. peavey02

    Misfire Issues

    Understand, I was just looking around for ideas and saw this post. My engine is stock besides the Wagner intercooler. I keep getting a misfire on cylinder one at start up and at WOT. At WOT the check engine light would kick on. I hit 50150 miles and it all went to hell. Haha.
  16. peavey02

    Misfire Issues

    no tune, I've never had one. My truck is misfiring at WOT.
  17. peavey02

    Misfire Issues

    Wish I would have saw this yesterday. haha My truck is doing the same thing under WOT. I need to get another laptop so I can get FORSCAN back. I just said screw it and dropped if off at the dealer this morning.
  18. peavey02

    MagnaFlow exhaust on my Gen 3

    Try making a video without music...stupid.
  19. peavey02

    Steering creak on every full right turn

    This will sound weird. But I had a creak coming from the front of the truck when I would turn to the left. Had my wife turn the wheels back and forth in the drive way to figure it out. The skid plate had one loose bolt and it would move just enough to creak when turning left. Tightened up...
  20. peavey02

    21 Code orange for sale

    I was in GA. for work and drove past this one. They only want 99k. Haha. I did take a picture of the window sticker. It’s been there for a couple months.
  21. peavey02

    '20 Fox Live Valve Shocks

    Still available?
  22. peavey02

    Cam Phaser/ Engine Failure Poll

    2019 Build date Feb 2019 started getting the rattle at 29k miles. Took them two days to get everything fixed.
  23. peavey02

    Performance after battery disconnect

    If your radio freezes up. Hold the audio power button and the right arrow and it will do a soft reset.