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  1. Kirk Robicheaux

    Looking to purchase 2020 raptor - Interior Rattle

    My 2020 doesn't rattle, but I only have 2400 miles on it.
  2. Kirk Robicheaux

    Louisiana Raptor owner

    Byron does a 5 year and 7 year SB3 Coating, I went with the 7 year. Man, I hate to give you his prices on this forum. Give him a call @ 337-326-9790 and let him explain the process and his prices. He did my truck, my wife's car and my son's truck. Good luck!
  3. Kirk Robicheaux

    Louisiana Raptor owner

    Welcome to FRF, good to see there's another Race Red in the area. Special ordered my 2020 Race Red and received it in February. I highly recommend you have Byron Sealey @ Timesaver Mobile Detail ceramic coat it... This is my truck...
  4. Kirk Robicheaux

    Rear cam with no signal

    My new 2020 did the same thing yesterday with only 1200 miles on it. I was thinking it was water intrusion since I pressure washed it the previous day.
  5. Kirk Robicheaux

    Never To Old To Own A Raptor

    My bad, I meant to say Race Red!
  6. Kirk Robicheaux

    Never To Old To Own A Raptor

    I don't think you're ever too old to drive a Raptor, plus most youngsters can't even afford them! Wise color selection, I have a 2020 Ruby Red on order.
  7. Kirk Robicheaux

    Order Tracking Page

    The site is working now Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. Kirk Robicheaux

    Wait time

    9 weeks into my order while Ford's order tracking website is still showing "processing"... I personally think my dealership didn't have an allocation when the order was placed. Does anyone know of an email address or phone number so I can reach out and get the real status from Ford?
  9. Kirk Robicheaux

    Wait time

    Ordered mine on 11/6 with an expected 10 to 12 week for delivery. Received my VIN# 2-1/2 weeks into the order and has since been in "processing" on Ford's order tracking website and my dealership doesn't know jack sh!t!! They did say that typically factory production is 3 weeks and the delivery...
  10. Kirk Robicheaux

    Waiting room for those with 2020 Raptor on order...

    Mine has been on order since 11/6 (5 weeks today) and still no estimated delivery date on the order tracking website. According to my salesman, its "submitted to the plant" whatever the hell that means.
  11. Kirk Robicheaux

    Lovin it'

    Sorry, I had to!!!