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    Tiregate for Gen 1 Raptor, 2004 - 2015 Ford F150

    I'll bite. How much can you break it down to get it as small as possible for shipping?
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    Gen 1 Recon smoked 3rd brake light

    I'll take it.
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    Gen 1 misc 5.4 stuff

    I want the shock kits and the oil. Also interested in the tuner. Maybe we can work out a deal if I buy the shock stuff and the tuner. Let me know.
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    Tire Gate Made in USA Gen1 Raptor / 10-14 F-150

    I'm interested. I can do local pick up (am from Washington DC area).
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    Gen 1 NEW Ford Raptor Rogue Racing Throttle Front Bumper NEW

    You said the bumper was never mounted but one of the pictures is clearly of the bumper mounted to a truck...
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    HUGE aftermarket touchscreen / iPad swaps

    How is the functionality of the iPad VS the stock unit. Id be curious how well it integrates.
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    GEN 1 Real Carbon Fiber Climate Control Trim

    This is amazing. How much time did it take to get the hang of it? Debating doing all of my trim.
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    Deaver +2HD FOR SALE GEN2 in WI sold

    If only you were closer to Virginia
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    Mishimoto R&D: 2010-2014 F-150/Raptor Aluminum Radiator

    Have you guys thought about producing supercharger kits for the first gen raptors both 6.2 and 5.4?
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    Gen 1 OEM Front and Rear Shocks. Stock leaf springs and bump stops included for free

    Im very interested. I'm from Virginia though so they would need to be shipped. Are you comfortable with that?