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  1. So-Cal-Al-52

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    Front springs and rear 1" foutz spacer.
  2. So-Cal-Al-52

    What did you do to your Gen 3 today?

    You know what is strange is his truck does look pretty high in the front, for sure without rear spacers or springs. I installed Front 2.2 Eibach and a foutz 1" spacer in the rear and I don't think I sit that high in the front. I swear some of these trucks react in different ways with the same...
  3. So-Cal-Al-52

    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Since that post I have changed things up. At that time I had 1.5 collar, before that it was a stock 37 PP and no rub also. I recently added Eibach springs and added Toyo MT's. Obviously no rub with the new set up. Pic of how she sits now. But I think you are asking about stock suspension, I...
  4. So-Cal-Al-52

    Raptor exhaust is noisy

    If quiet mode is too Loud then this is probably not the truck for you. Wait til you you drop it in Baja and start ripping around. I don't think they are loud at all. But I have not driven a 24.
  5. So-Cal-Al-52

    FP Forged FP2-SL (see details) 17x9 +12

    These look really nice. I like the spoke pattern. Well done.
  6. So-Cal-Al-52

    RPG 1.5 and 2.25 collars for sale

    Bump. Anyone want 2.25 Collars. Brand new.
  7. So-Cal-Al-52

    Eibach Springs Available and In Stock for your Gen 3 Raptor Here at Apollo Optics!

    I finally Re-set mine after springs. It made a substantial difference in ride.
  8. So-Cal-Al-52

    SOLD - XPEL B-Pillar Kit Ultimate Plus P0559DB-U $40 OBO Shipped

    Just to clarify, Xpel ultimate is a gloss finish correct?
  9. So-Cal-Al-52

    Anyone here do RPG collars first, then move to Eibach Springs? missing stock collars, need help

    I just switched from a 1.5 collar to Eibach springs last week on my 37, I am way happier with the springs so far, less body roll, less nose dive and feels more planted around corners. I bought the spring perch retention clips from Foutz f(FMI)'s website for 20 dollars. They showed up 2 days...
  10. So-Cal-Al-52

    RPG 1.5 and 2.25 collars for sale

    Thanks Brother, I assume you got them. Thanks again.
  11. So-Cal-Al-52

    RPG 1.5 and 2.25 collars for sale

    1.5 collars are sold. Thanks. They will be in the mail tonight.
  12. So-Cal-Al-52

    Raptor Regret?

    I'm not sure what "Trouble with Trannies" means these days.
  13. So-Cal-Al-52

    RPG 1.5 and 2.25 collars for sale

    I'll PM you.
  14. So-Cal-Al-52

    RPG 1.5 and 2.25 collars for sale

    I am selling 2 sets of RPG Collars for Gen 3's. I have a set of RPG 1.5 collars that are lightly used for about a year. I also have a set of 2.25"s that are new in box that I only opened to check them. Nothing wrong with either set and they work as advertised but I recently upgraded to Eibach...
  15. So-Cal-Al-52

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    I am, I tried to bang on it to get it back in place. So those marks are probably from me. But something shifted at some point, it was not like that when the collars were installed, the thump and squeak started about the time I noticed the issue. After driving again today I am very glad, it...
  16. So-Cal-Al-52

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    I pulled my collars off today and had Eibach springs installed. Truck rides much better with less roll and nose dive. 2 things I noted doing this today, when we pulled the struts it was noted that the spring had rotated inside the top hat and the spring was not seated against the rubber mount...
  17. So-Cal-Al-52

    Recurring Suspension Squeak

    My 2022 37 (June Build date) is starting to squeak over speed bumps and such. Not badly but it is annoying. At some point this will need be addressed. Lube did take it away for a couple days, but it did come back.
  18. So-Cal-Al-52

    New Raptor owner - San Diego

    Very nice, I have been up Otay TT a few times at work and in my truck. It can get pretty messed up this time of year with all the rain. But on clear days the view is insane from the top. Nice first post and welcome, enjoy her!
  19. So-Cal-Al-52

    23’ 37 ride height

    I don't know the specs on 24's, but my 2022 37 with lift collars fits in my standard garage with about 3 more inches to spare. I would assume stock it should fit no problem. I don't know if the 24's are higher stock.
  20. So-Cal-Al-52

    Problems with ACC and Pre-Collision Assist with ADD Stealth Bumper

    I don't have an aftermarket bumper, that being said I think I have read that the relocation bracket should go up behind the "D" on the grill, I wonder if yours is on the wrong side. Im sure someone else here has dealt with this. There are a Buch of Threads regarding this. Have you looked through...
  21. So-Cal-Al-52

    New wheel and tire problem

    Only certain Method Models are hub centric for the Raptor, if you buy a wheel with any other bore than 87.10, you will need the rings Kieth talks about. Do you know what model Method you bought or what the hub bore is? If they are not 87.1 then get the rings.
  22. So-Cal-Al-52

    Best tonneau cover

    Thanks, I did reach out to Diamondback and I am waiting for a reply. I appreciate the info. Thanks DFS for confirming it fit. I am gonna grab it.