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    Gen 3 & R Front Differentials Grenading

    Was this covered under warranty?
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    Pistol mount...

    I carry appendix and used to always keep it on me, especially in the city. I now keep it holstered in the center console. I got into an accident and the seatbelt (and sudden stop) made a nice holster impression/pain in the groin area...
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    Shes going in for the following.... what else should they look at?

    Man, I have a 23 that I picked up in September that I'm compiling a list of issues... 1) AC freezes up when humid and at freeway speeds 2) Half the time the tail gate will not lower (remote or button) or latch when doing "auto lift" 3) Hissing from the power on board battery area (or rear...
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    Things that don’t work on Gen3 2023 Forscan
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    Where does your Gen 3 sleep at night?

    In order to fit, I have to be at 35psi, and removed a 1/4in piece of trim off the garage.
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    Where does your Gen 3 sleep at night?

    I've done a few weekend cleanouts. Its a never ending battle as more crap finds its way in there...Usually car parts or more lawn stuff
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    Kill Switch

    I paid 160/yr for 15k in accessories coverage on my 4Runner...
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    Looking for a your favorite Dog Hammock
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    Did you get a gen 3 37 performance package raptor?

    It happened to me. Made a deal on the phone with the sale manager. The salesman text me the buyers order. I had my own financing and forwarded all the paperwork to the dealer. When I got there 3 days later, the Manager said he did not agree to the price. I showed him the order and then he...
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    Buy 2023 37 or wait for 2024

    Your experience is one of the reasons dealers get a bad name. Hope the impending strike doesn't affect your build!!!
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    Buy 2023 37 or wait for 2024

    Wheres the pix!!! What color?
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    2022 White 37 package for $85,000 or 2023 avalanche 37 Package for $98,500?

    Sorry to hear about the injury. Are you still selling the Raptor?
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    2023 Raptor at MSRP - will pay up to $1k finders fee (or $2k in BTC)

    Which dealership? I did a search and found none...