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  1. paulny

    Any TSB update for 3.0 cam phaser issue?

    Hello all. I have access to a new ‘23 Braptor that the ordering customer is now passing up. So, I’ve researched a little and am disturbed to find numerous Braptors having the cam phaser issues and the repair is pulling the motor to fix. Build date is 4/14/23 for this unit, so is it recent...
  2. paulny

    Forget about 37’s on a 35 truck , Who is going to be the first to stuff 39‘s on a 37 truck?

    This prompted me to look at the ridge grappler 38x12.50. Measures 37.76”. Wonder if they will fit my rig without lifting the front or trimming?
  3. paulny

    Added NOS and a couple of other “Bond” features

    Don‘t know how much horsepower it added, but I’m confident at least 1 extra horse. The seat ejection and bomb will explode if buttons are manipulated are self explanatory.…
  4. paulny

    Can I utilize Forscan with iPad and OBDLink MX+?

    If I purchase the OBDLINK MX+ tool, can I use Forscan with my iPad to make changes? Or, is a Windows laptop and wired connector the only way? I’m a newbie and frankly don’t even know how to use Forscan but want to get rid of the exit double honk and maybe a few other changes. Thanks for any...
  5. paulny

    Front Wheel Air Dam?

    Did anyone find out the real purpose of these air dams? I would like to remove them as well. However, if they actually serve a meaningful purpose, I will leave them.
  6. paulny

    Auto start-stop delete blank button ideas

    This is absolutely perfect! Thanks, will order tonight.
  7. paulny

    Auto start-stop delete blank button ideas

    Yes, I’m that OCD type of guy lol. I’m so thankful I don’t have auto start-stop. However, that button is now a blank boring piece of plastic. Any ideas what sticker I (we) can put there? Rappygraphics maybe has something in the works? A small American flag would be awesome, or maybe...
  8. paulny

    Just rolled off car carrier

    Very nice! Congrats, she’s a beauty.
  9. paulny

    Fender flare gap

    I apologize for hijacking a Gen 2 thread, but I just picked up a Gen 3 and one of my fenders is not completely flush. Do you know if the above clip part # is the same for the Gen 3? I was getting ready to order some but that website said the part didn't fit my 2021. THanks for any help you...
  10. paulny

    Things to check after taking delivery

    Just took delivery of my Raptor today. 3/4 fender flares were perfectly flush. Drivers side rear is about 1/8” or so from being flush. an you walk me through how to properly remove and fix? Thanks!
  11. paulny

    She’s home

    Jealousy is the greatest form of flattery :)
  12. paulny

    Door sill protectors

    Anyone know where to buy quality door sill protectors to protect the exposed areas? I found the following from tufskinz which the turf-liner is reasonable at $29.99 but is the carbon fiber set worth $149.99?. Granted, this is just for the front. Any other better options?
  13. paulny

    What mods are you planning! Let’s see the lists!

    Looks awesome! Loving the 309’s. 37” tires?
  14. paulny

    Gen 3 Arrived and just Ceramic Coated DIY

    Looks awesome and man can I appreciate the work. Where did you buy the stuff for the plastic and is it simply just a rub on with a cloth?
  15. paulny

    I’m excited!!! Fresh off the delivery truck!!!

    I ordered mine yesterday. Did you look up a factory spec to align or just eyeball it? I see the tape to ensure its level. Can't wait to see pics. Oh, how long before you received after ordering?
  16. paulny

    Pulled the trigger-new Gen 3 lead foot baby!!!!

    Thanks for the kind words and there is only one color to paint it….it’s called camo
  17. paulny

    Pulled the trigger-new Gen 3 lead foot baby!!!!

    LOL. I noticed that too. It was built on 10/13 which was a Wednesday, so maybe I got lucky lol as it wasn't early Monday morning or late Friday evening :p
  18. paulny

    Pulled the trigger-new Gen 3 lead foot baby!!!!

    Well said. Time is irreplaceable and we have no idea when our time on earth will run out. Live every day as your last and have no regrets. Cheers :happy160:
  19. paulny

    Pulled the trigger-new Gen 3 lead foot baby!!!!

    After contemplating back and forth on whether to wait until they get the bugs worked out, I said screw it (no pun intended) and pulled the trigger on a Lead Foot. Life is a blessing and tomorrow is not guaranteed as many of my fellow fallen soldiers found out overseas (may they rest in peace)...
  20. paulny

    I’m excited!!! Fresh off the delivery truck!!!

    Bad to the bone. White looks amazing and good call on the no graphics package. Respectfully, I am not a fan of the Gen 3 graphics. Congrats!
  21. paulny

    Things to check after taking delivery

    I have been seriously considering purchasing a gen 3. But man, I have to be brutally honest and simply say all of these issues are very concerning imho. I feel a vehicle of this magnitude and cost should have much better quality control. Some of these posts make me think QC is simply void at...
  22. paulny

    Oil catch can needed for Gen 2's?

    I completely agree. However, from the research I've done on the forum, it appears that many members have installed the catch can. Therefore, I wasn't sure if this was purely preventative maintenance or if it actually works and increases durability/reliability over time.
  23. paulny

    Oil catch can needed for Gen 2's?

    Thanks! So, is it fair to deduce from your statement that there is no proven benefit regarding longevity after a catch can is installed? Just curious as to why you state that you're in the not needed camp for now?
  24. paulny

    Ranger Raptor / Bronco / Wrangler competitor?

    Good to know! Man, for the life of me, I can't figure out why Ford dropped the Ranger for this long. Toyota has cornered the market with the Tacoma and obviouisly the want is there as Toyota sales indicate. Nissan Frontier sales are nothing to sneeze at either. It's good to see Ford get back...